Hi Lose Baby Weight
I am feeling amazing being on the summer challenge and Lose Baby Weight Plans and this week was amazing as I reached my weight goal I had set for the challenge.
This week I hit 8.5kgs lost since the start! It is amazing! And now I’m not stopping. My biggest goal was to change my lifestyle so I could be healthier and happier for my boys!
I now weigh 71.5kgs and have never been this heathly in my whole adult life… I though it would be impossible now.
But only 7 months after the birth after my second child look at me. With a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and healthy diet along with the introduction of daily 20min exersice has made these changes easy!
As well as increasing my milk supply (I’ve had to wear breast pads for the first time ever). I have lost 37cms in total.
But I’m so excited about nearly reaching a heathly BMI for the first time in my adult life (only 0.3) till I’m in healthy range!
Thanks lose baby weight, the healthy mummy products and the summer challenge!
Bring on my next weight goal- 65kgs!
Thanks so much guys
Emma Deeg xx
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