I want to share my story to hopefully reach out to other mum’s on here who may be battling with not only trying to lose weight, but the added health problems and anxiety or PND. Cause that is also me.
Before I gave birth to Victoria 20 months ago, I was one of those people who never had to worry about eating the wrong thing. I put on maybe 18-20 kg in my pregnancy, so I ended up around 72 kg. Through breast feeding I got down to 57kg, (5kg off my goal weight).
I was going for a 40 min walk every day, and felt confident. But thats when it all started going down hill. To cut a long story short, I was sleep deprived, so unwell that most days I couldn’t even make dinner without help, and suffering anxiety attacks.
Also what I thought I would never have to deal with, PND. I put on an extra 3 kilo’s over christmas and ended up 60-61 kg. I couldn’t manage any exercise cause I was so weak, and was constantly getting dismissed by my GP blamming it all on anxiety.
I persisted, and ended up finding a good GP. I could finally put a name to what I’d been feeling for the past year. I found out I had glandular fever, coupled with extremely low blood pressure, and to add more to the mix, PMDD (pre menstral dysphoric disorder).
This would see me experiencing all kinds of fun symptoms such as extreme insomnia, blood sugar issues, intense cravings and burning hunger pain, and intense mood swings.
This past year losing weight has seemed like something that I would never achieve. But that’s where Lose Baby Weight has come in! I was written a script for anti depressants to treat my PMDD. I went and got the script filled, but couldnt bring myself to take them.
The next day I put in my first order for the healthy mummy smoothy’s. I started exercising every day. I could only manage 10-15
minutes per day on the treadmill, but I didn’t care. That was almost 6 weeks ago…
I am now proud to say that I have increased gradually to a 30 minute walk on my treadmill every day, I also do a weights programe that my fiance wrote for me.
Thanks to the Lose Baby Weight site I have also learnt the importance of strengthening up my core. I was looking at my pregnant shaped belly and doing endless sit up’s trying to flatten it, the whole time not knowing that I should have been working my transverse abdominals first.
I’m finally learning all the basics 20 months later! My fiance & I have both noticed a HUGE change in me since starting the healthy mummy smoothie’s, both physically and emotionally. And to top it off I’ve lost 2.8 kilo’s! I’m so happy!
I am losing weight a bit slower than some of the others here, and sometimes seeing people losing 1-1.5 kg a week disheartens me a bit. I hit a brick wall a few days ago and felt like I was getting nowhere. But you know what? A couple of months ago a 30 minute walk every day seemed like an impossible dream, but I’m doing it.
So I think 2.8 kilo’s is pretty damn good. I’ll get there. Lose baby weight has given me hope that I never thought I would have. If I never found them I dont think I would be where I am right now!
So if your struggling with any health problems, or PND, keep persisting. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to write in again when I’ve lost it all! 5.2 kilo’s to go!!
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