Hi my name is Elizabeth I am a mother of two Lachlan 21months and Indie 4 months.
I started my lose my baby weight journey back in September after giving birth in august with my second child it has been really tough to have me time and do exercise I have struggled with breastfeeding (every feed last and 1hour 30min using shields, then ½ hour later at it again with my 17 month old as well life was hectic) still is but I was determined to get things on the right track so ordered healthy mummy smoothies arrived a few days later.
I have been having a healthy mummy smoothie every morning for breakfast and tried to get out with a friend and walk to park with the kids lasted two weeks with life getting very hectic my weight had dropped from 95.6kg to 92kg this was a good start but I was sitting at a Plato I had not been under 92Kg in 9 years was feeling very down with myself.
Come mid November I was determined to do better and not give up on my weight loss journey so continued to eat healthy and have my usual healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and keep busy in between feeds and running around with my 18 month old I also ordered the post pregnancy exercise DVD and tried to do at least one 10 min workout a day or second day generally done two every second day.
My weight finally broke Plato and I hit 90.8kg feeling determined I woke every morning feed and headed to my mum where I set up her treadmill and got a training on the treadmill while either mum or sister watched kids a few times bub wanted top up and I would walk slowly while feeding to finish my workout then walk to shops with mum and get her odds and ends and home, but this soon come to end December as my parents left on cruise and my sister now works so with my determination I have been continue to get on treadmill were possible.
My measurements 16.09.13

  • 95.6kg
  • 114cm bust
  • 116cm waist
  • 74.4cm left thigh
  • 73.5cm right thigh
  • 119.1cm butt

My current measurements 16.12.13

  • 88.2kg   -7.4kg
  • 109.4 cm busts   -4.6cm
  • 107.8cm waist  -8.2cm
  • 104cm hips  -10cm since 23.09.13
  • 71cm left thigh  -3.4cm
  • 71cm right thigh  -2.5cm

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