Hi I’m Eleanor Hannah and I was lucky enough to be picked as a Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mum for February, and I am super excited 🙂
I first started on the Lose Baby Weight program after the birth of my 3rd child in April 2012, I really needed to do something then I had got to the over 100kg mark without even realising it.
But fast forward almost 2 years and I have lost 31kgs with the Lose Baby Weight plans 🙂
I’m super happy about that and its been thanks to the awesome support of my family and friends and the amazing support from lose Baby Weight, we have moved back to NZ in September 2013 and since then I have been trying to get back in my groove that I was in in Australia healthy eating and excercising had become a habit and unfortunately since then everything has been chaos and there has been next to no routine in our lives, Ive been working part time on call hours, xmas holidays the list of reasons goes on……..But February is going to change that 🙂
I have around 10kgs left to go and these 10kgs have been a struggle but I have a goal in my head and I am going to get there. My birthday is at the end of March and I would really like to celebrate coming into my 33rd year by being at my goal weight.
I have 3 daughters and a stepdaughter and I really want them to grow up seeing me healthy and fit also its my littlest girls 2nd bday in the middle of April and Id love to get some awesome family pics taken that I will be proud of 🙂
As a family of 5 and 6 every 2nd weekend, and hubby and I only working part time we have a super tight budget so throughout Feb I will show you it is possible to follow the Lose Baby Weight program as a family, and throughout the chaos I am committing to up my exercise this month too
So Bring on February xo

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