Hi Everyone ☺
So it’s my 33rd birthday today and I feel so much better than I did 2 years ago on my 31st Birthday in fact I am 32.5 kg’s lighter thanks to the Lose Baby Weight plans and for that I am super duper happy, my journey isn’t over though I’d still like to lose another 5-7 kgs just to feel awesome and I’m well on my way ☺
March update,  this month has been full on we have been renovating our place and I have found I haven’t had much routine happening which I am a bit disappointed with so that’s one of my weight loss goals for April, as when I have some routine happening I feel much better, I have been doing more gardening, pulling down walls, cutting down trees and general house renovating stuff this month
My weight loss plan for April
Start from the beginning, I am going to re train my body by getting strict with my healthy eating and exercising and I will be following the 28 day plan, implementing weight loss recipes from all Lose Baby Weights amazing cookbooks, having the healthy mummy smoothies, following the exercise plans from the exercise DVD  and doing at least 2 parts of that daily, I need to amp myself up a bit and re excite my body into losing this last 5-7kgs.
I will be carrying on with being a Motivating Mum  in April very excited so keep an eye out on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page for my updates I also use Instagram if you want to keep updated too Eleanormumof3 xo
Eleanor x
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