lose_baby_weightHi Lose Baby Weight. Eleanor Hannah here! Ok so down another kg 🙂 since starting the healthy mummy smoothies, and I’m loving the smoothies, makes my everyday easier, as I’m finding I’m not forgetting as much, that was always my problem, it would get to 2pm and id feel really hungry and realised I hadn’t eaten,  which seemed to make me put on weight.
I have also organised a Mummy fitness group at my place starting today, we are lucky enough to have a massive undercover area with a play room attached, so all the mums are bringing there kids once a week, and we are getting a local personal trainer to do a group program for us all, and shes just coming once a month to give us a new program, so excited.
Have also started picking my daughter up from school, my hubby drops her off they both ride to school, and we are walking to get her about a 40min round trip with the 4 month old and the 2 yr old in the pram it makes for a good workout, and I’ve joined a walking group on Wednesday.  I love all your updates on your facebook page, and am always looking through your website for tips to help me 🙂
So far, I’ve lost 7.1kgs 🙂 which is since the 9th of June  🙂   still have a way to go like another 15-20kgs but I’m getting there and I am finding the healthy mummy smoothies and your exercises really great to do
But I’d just like to thank you, for making it ok to breastfeed and lose weight,   I cant wait to get me back 🙂 🙂    I have lost me over the past through years i had lost all my baby weight from miss 2 by 6 months but my hubby was then diagnosed with cancer and he had to endure 6 months of chemo, which involved a lot of sitting down in the hospital every day, then i put on weight.
Then we were lucky enough to fall pregnant 9 months after he had finished chemo, our little miracle baby, so then since I hadnt lost any weight before falling pregnant and we moved house while I was pregnant.  I had got to almost 100 kg, then I ended I up having a c section, after two natural births it was a shock to the system!   Am down to 87.9 kgs now  and slowly but surely I’m starting to feel better about myself
So Thank you, Eleanor Hannah  🙂
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