healthy_eatingThe festive season has well and truly sprung, and it’s not even December yet.
It seems the festivities kick off in November and are still going strong in January these days, putting your healthy eating and weight loss plans to the test.
Get togethers, parties, long lunches and BBQ’s are all plentiful during the holiday season. Spending time with loved ones is what the season is all about but that doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about your diet!
Fortunately, there’s a whole range of festive fare that is not only delicious but weight loss (and waist line) friendly. Many of the meats we see stacked up on red and green clad tables are low GI and a great healthy option (think turkey and chicken breast, baked ham and fresh prawns).
The tricky part is often navigating the snacks and sides that seem to multiply around this time of year. High in calories, salt and usually high GI, your typical chrissie table treats can cause a whole load of calories to jump onto your plate, without you even realising.
By making a few simple switches, you can enjoy the festivities, indulge in delicious food AND keep your weight loss on track.

Try swapping these less than healthy, high GI foods for these yummy, low GI alternatives
  • Flavoured rice crackers – switch to – Multigrain crackers like Vitawheats
  • Potato chips – switch to – Oven baked veggie chips or blue corn chips
  • Creamy ranch style dip- switch to – Low fat Tzaziki
  • French onion dip – switch to – low fat hummus
  • Roasted, salted nut mix – Raw, natural nuts like brazil nuts, peanuts or cashews
  • Roast potatoes – switch to – Baked sweet potato
  • Coleslaw/cream based salads – switch to – Vegetable or noodle salad
  • Candy canes and sweet treats – switch to – Fresh seasonal fruits
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