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[toggles class=”FAQPink”] [toggle title=”How soon can I start the DVD after having my baby?”]You can start the gentle pelvic floor and core section within days of having your baby. Over the first few weeks pelvic floor, core recruitment and walking is plenty for a mum who is busy looking after her new baby.
You can progress to the main workouts of the DVD when you no longer have any bleeding, you are feeling strong and ready for some exercise , your pelvic floor and core are recovered and functioning well.
Commonly this will be when your baby is around 6 weeks old.
The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD provides guidelines on when you can do certain activities and signs to recognize if you are over doing it.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”I have had a C–Section, can I still do the exercises?”]You can definitely perform these exercises after a caesarean section delivery, as per the guidelines, however you can expect to take longer to get back to certain exercises for example 12 weeks.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”I have never done any exercise before, will this exercise DVD still be ok for me to do or should I start with walking first?”]Always start with a little walking and simple pelvic floor exercises. Getting out and about with the pram is not only good for your fitness , it’s good for your mental wellbeing too.
The guidlelines of The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD cater for people of all fitness levels and post natal stages. If you listen to your body and follow the recommendations of how hard to work you be able to reap the benefits of post natal exercise no matter what your start point.
For a mum who has been quite inactive up until now, you will need to start gently and progress gradually. The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is broken into 10 and 15 minute sections so initially you will choose just one section every second day. Gradually progress to daily and then gradually add an extra section to your workout as your energy levels and time allow.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”I am already quite fit, and my baby is 12 months old, but want to tone up more and lose the last 5kg, will this DVD help me or will it be too basic?”]The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD has options for everyone. By combining several sections and following the options to up the workout such as using hand weights you will find it an effective option that you can do at home.[/toggle] [/toggles]