healthy_eatingThere are just one too many things to do when you are a mother, especially to a newborn bub. The demands of motherhood leave very little time to do much else for the new mum.
Most mums end up compromising activities like health, exercise, etc. However, the more you delay taking up that weight loss plan, the harder it will be for you to shed those kilos.
So after the initial weeks of rest, it is important to squeeze in few minutes of exercise in between your busy schedule which doesn’t mean you will lose weight fast  or unhealthily but it will help you tostay fit and healthy.
Wondering how to lose baby weight in the middle of your busy life without sacrificing on your new responsibilities as a mum? We give you some tips that will help you shed those kilos in between your busy day. It is a weight loss plan that is easy to follow and promises some great results:
1. Say no to elevators: You have heard this before and you will hear it in the future also. But there is no exercise like taking the stairs. Simply using the stairs each time you go out, will set your blood pumping and burn those calories and help you lose weight fast.
2. Walk: Give up creature comforts like taking the car or even the local transport for your daily errands. If the distance is not too much, walk. Brisk walking to do your errands, like heading to the nearest store, grocery shopping, etc. will help you lose weight as you work.
3. Involve the Family: There is no motivation like your family members. So instead of spending the weekend watching movies, head out with your loved ones and go to the park. Enjoy a walk or a game of Frisbee or simply go for a swim. Such fun activities will help you lose weight fast without sacrificing on your family time.
4. Eat right. Our Healthy Mummy smoothies are just the right supplements when you are on a weight loss plan. Include our Healthy Mummy smoothies in your daily diet and watch yourself shed those kilos. Additionally, get smart about your diet. Avoid junk and fried food and opt for healthy fresh foods. Instead of three meals, have six small meals with small portions each day. Simply cut the carbs and watch yourself get back in shape.
5. Do your own chores: Household chores like cleaning the house, doing the laundry or even weeding the garden are excellent for fast weight loss. Combine these activities with a smart diet plan that includes healthy foods and our Healthy Mummy smoothies and you will surely achieve your fast weight loss goal.
No matter how busy your day is, these simple tips will help you stay on your weight loss plan and help you lose weight fast.
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