Donna has lost 11.1kgs with Lose Baby Weight since January 2015 and loves sharing the healthy eating meal plans with her friends and family.
Lose Baby Weight has been apart of my life since January 2015.
lose baby weight
I have the Healthy Mummy Smoothies daily and follow the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges that Lose Baby Weight have to offer. I have several of the recipe books and when ever I’m stuck I pull one out and sure enough I find something yummy to cook!
For me it really has been a great learning experience I have always been a snacker, wrong foods at all the wrong times. Lose Baby Weight has taught me how to nourish my body with the right foods.
I recommend Lose Baby Weight to all my friends and family who are struggling with their weight. Even if they’re just looking for healthier options, I tell them all about it.
My start weight was 98kg and my weight today is 86.9kg. I still have a long way to go but with the help of friends and the great support network that Lose Baby Weight offer I know I can do it! And so can you!
Thank you Lose Baby Weight
Donna Ciantar x

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The 28 Day Challenges will provide you with the skills to make the right decisions when it comes to food choices plus support and tips to make food prep, fitting in exercise, staying motivated and reaching your goals really easy.
For over 800 family friendly recipes with daily meal and exercise plans, join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge made especially for BUSY MUMS!

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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Lizzie lost 10kg on 3 Challenges
Lizzie says: “The food is delicious and very easy to make. The recipes are very simple and don’t require a lot of ingredients.
I love that the menu plan for the week is all worked out and it can be customised to suit your family and the ingredients you may have on hand” Join here
Eliza lost 22kg on 4 Challenges
Eliza says “I started in September with my first 28 Day Weightloss Challenge. I lost 8 kg that month. So far I have lost 22 kg. But it is what I have gained which will make me a supporter for life! Join here
Lauren has lost 46kg on 6 rounds
Lauren says “I’d highly recommend starting with a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. It’s such a great way to learn about healthy eating and exercise….. The Challenges are perfect as they run for 28 days, with so many different customizable options for every meal and day” Join here
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You won’t regret it!
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