You may have been following some of the great results of our mums who are taking part in the healthy eating Junk Food Detox (see details of the book here and it’s available FREE for challenge members).
Perhaps you are wondering whether a junk food detox is something that would suit you or not.
So today we have put together a fun quiz for you to take so that you can work out if the 7 step detox plan is something that could benefit you and your pregnancy weight loss.

For breakfast you tend to have:

A) Often nothing, then get crazy hungry around 10am (and scoff a pastry with a large coffee)
B) A Healthy Mummy Smoothie, some porridge, or some scrambled eggs on toast.

You’re driving home from running errands and feel hunger pains. Do you:

A) Do a quick drive through stop and get a burger (and maybe a soft drink)
B) Reach into your bag and grab an apple, some popcorn or some nuts that you packed earlier

It’s 3pm and you are looking forward to some afternoon tea. Do you reach for:

A) A cup of coffee and 2 chocolate biscuits (then maybe another biscuit later just to finish off the packet)
B) Some Greek yoghurt with raspberries on top

You’re having your dinner with the family. To drink, do you:

A) have a glass of wine and then find yourself topping it up again once or twice
B) drink some sparkling water or some homemade iced tea

The kids are driving you up the wall and you feel yourself getting really stressed. Do you:

A) Sneak off to the kitchen to munch on a sugar-filled brownie in peace
B) Throw on some disco tunes and have a family dance off to lighten the mood

It’s 9pm and you’ve enjoyed your dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Now you:

A) start looking through the cupboards for some chocolate – maybe some of the kids old Easter eggs are in there somewhere
B) make a cup of herbal tea and enjoy some down-time

Your friend suggests meeting for a morning coffee at a bakery, where the dizzying array of cakes is hard to resist. Do you:

A) make a vow not to buy anything except a coffee, and then end up overdoing it on cheesecake and feeling a bit nauseous.
B) Suggest that you grab some take away coffees and catch up over a power walk instead

Your Results:

Mostly A’s

healthy_eatingIt looks as though a Junk Food Detox might be just the thing to help get you off the junk food rollercoaster. By following the healthy eating plan and the step by step guide, you will be well on your way to losing your pregnancy weight.

Mostly B’s

You are doing really well and are making some excellent choices in your day. If you feel as though you want to push yourself to reach your goals sooner, why not try out the Junk Food Detox – it shows you places where you can make some small tweaks to your eating plan in order to boost your results.

Roughly half A and half B

While you are mostly eating well and exercising, there are certain areas in your life where you feel like the junk food has a bit of a hold on you. Why not try our 7 step plan to get off the junk, followed by the 7 day clean eating plan. You might just find the Junk Food Detox gives you the ‘reset’ that you need to ditch those unhealthy habits once and for all.
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