Diamandi has sent in her story today to share with us how she has been able to lose pregnancy weight by following a healthy eating plan – all with the help of Lose Baby Weight.
She is down 10.6kg and as her photos show, she has completely transformed her body shape.
Well done Diamandi, you look incredible!
For many mums like Diamandi, it’s not until the children are a little bit older that we find the time and motivation to look after our own health.
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healthy_eating‘After having my second child who is nearly two, I wasn’t able to get motivated until she was 20 months old.
I’ve ALWAYS had a big belly but I’m happy to report that the Lose Baby Weight team and products have helped me get to my after shot!
My starting weight was 81.6kg and I am now 71kg which is a loss of 10.6kg.
Summertime here I come!
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