Hi mummies! My name is Delight and I have lost 20kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.
I hope you have all been enjoying the 28 Day Challenge, how have you all been going?
Lose Baby Weight-20kg Loss

  • I have been having one or two smoothies a day.
  • Following 28 day challenge meal ( which the whole family loves)
  • Drank at least 2litres of water a day
  • Some green tea
  • Exercise wise I am running, insanity exercises and following the Tone up challenge.
  • I haven’t weight for week 2 as I hid my scales and will weigh at the end of the challenge.

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Losing weight-especially when you’re just starting can be quite difficult.
And of course most of us here are mum that also comes with a lot of responsibility— new mum, family, plus weight loss it’s a challenge!

But here’s too 10 tips that kept me focused

  • Goal:  after Bub 2 we are certain that were not having a baby. I put on so much weight so i wrote a my goals. One of that is slow and easy weight lost for sustainable weight loss.
  • Routine: I was a new mum and I also had a toddler plus work. I have to start a routine that will let me fit getting back into training, working and looking after two kids and a household. This is very essential for me.
  • Support: hubby was my biggest supporter. I let him know what plan I was following, he helped me with my training and he praises all my effort.  This page and Rhian has been a great support when I started too.
  • Food Planning: I started planning, main meal and snacks. 70% of weight loss is all about the food.
  • Alcohol: I gave up drinking. Which also makes sense as I was Breastfeeding. So no Booze for me.
  • Cut down on White carbs and sugar: I swap all the white carbs to wholemeal/whole grain.  I use to have 2 sugars in my coffee and cutting that down helped a lot.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone’s journey: this is a very hard one. A mental and emotional battle that tool awhile for me to accept. We all have differ at journey, comparing your weight loss to someone will just get you disappointed. Focus on Yourself. We all have different battle.
  • Get Moving and enough to rest : exercise has a lot of benefits, when we exercise our bodies releases endorphins; endorphins helps reduce stress. Incorporating exercise slowly have me energy to be a mum, worker and run a household.
    Rest is also very important our body will perform to its capacity of we are well rested. At least 6-8hrs sleep is what I get and I always have Saturday and Sunday sleep in; I still train but later in the day.
    My body always tells me when it’s time to stop and I always Listen.
  • Pin a quote: in my thought I always go back to the saying ” I know it’s hard but it’s going to be WORTH IT!”  On days that was hard of think of that. Food wise I develop self control, training wise I have learned to push my self, I days I’m tired I’ll say just 5min, the becomes 10, next thing I know I finished a workout.
  • Photos! Photos! Photos!: this is biggest motivating factor. On days that the scales didn’t give me victory I’ll do comparison photo and then I see difference.

Hopefully this tips will help you out mummies it has helped me a lot in the last three years.
Here’s to another great week of the Challenge!!!
Delight xx
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Rachel Lost 31kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge
Lose Baby Weight-31kg Loss
Rachel says: “I found the meals easy to make and my husband loved them too!
My four year old was a bit dubious of some meals but he came around in the end.
I started doing the challenge exercises and I found them easy to follow and fit in with my day.” 
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