Hi mummies! I have lost 20kgs* with Lose Baby Weight and today I am sharing some of my motivation tips with you.
Lose baby Weight-20kgs Loss

I’m doing pretty well; I’m loving the food of this challenge as it is easy to make and my family loved it,  plus we’re eating less of that nasties called sugar.
I’m even educating my girls 5 and 3 about good sugar and bad ones.
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Getting motivated on a weightloss journey is hard. I have been asked so many times I stayed focus the last three years ; how I get motivated waking up 4:30am just to train.
I have some tips and some thing I always go back into especially  if I lose motivation:

  •  Focus on the goal, yes you want to lose weight; you’ve done the hard work; when you wake up on days that you feel low.
  • Think of your goal, think of that healthy body that you want to achieve. This is the same as food, in my journey making good choices has been easy even eating/dining out there’s always a lot of healthier options.
  •  Clothing. I’ve kept my old clothing I.e dress, wedding dress, on days that the scales didn’t moved for me I try this clothes on. And if they fit there’s an NSV.
  • Progress pics.  I take a lot of selfie pics, I ask my 5 year old sometimes to take a photo of mummy. This photos some days I look great, on days that I feel I  don’t look great; I use that as a motivation. It’s dishearten
  • You’ve already lost some weight— why give up now???? This is what kept me really going—- when I lost my first 18kgs we went on holidays — I didn’t binge;I brought my smoothies with me, still trained and continue with my routine making good choices— I don’t want to put that 18kgs to waste.
    First time ever I didn’t gain any weight on my holidays and I enjoyed every bit of it.
  • Training. I know this sounds bizarre but training gives me so much adrenaline and less stress,if I miss a day training I will be tired and sluggish all day. On those 4:30am when my alarm goes off and I don’t want to wake up I’ll recuperate if I won’t train il be tired all day at work. I’ll tell myself I’ll do 5min. That 5 min turn into 30 min 🙂
  • Compliments. I take compliments from people humbly. I tell anyone now that I use to be 90kgs their reaction is always, NO way!!!!
    These compliments gives me added motivation to keep going.
  • Ditch the scales! I Use to weigh almost everyday! On the start of my journey I’d lose an average of 1-2kgs a week then it acme slower then I plateud, I gained the weight, I lose the weight, it was crazy!
  • I was so close to my goal weight this year I reached 67kgs then I changed my training so I’m now sitting at 70kgs but for the first time in my life I fitted into a size 8 jeans!
    So now I go by the clothes I wear and my measurement.
  • Great support. For awhile I was not as active like now on the lose baby weight but I still check the page everyday. The mums in the page is enough motivation for me to keep going  with everyone’s results it’s so inspiring to keep going
    And of course I won’t forget the to acknowledge the support of my husband and girls. They have been the reason for me to continue on and lose all the unwanted weight.
  • Self love. I don’t want to sound selfish but I love myself, I love my myself and I will look after it.
  • I love myself that I wanted to be healthy, happy and confident.
  • I am doing this journey for myself first, I will be able to fulfil my duties as a parent if I’m healthier by that I mean example ; now I’m healthier and fitter, I know I will be around longer for my girls, I  More active that get to play around with them more.
    I love me
  • Never compare your journey to anyone. Were all different. Some loses weight quickly, some at a slower pace. Do whatever works for you and keep going

I hope this tips  will all help you mummies.
Delight xx
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