Good day all. Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Delight Smallridge, 35 years of age, a wife and a mum to two beautiful girls who are 5 and 3 year old. I’m from Alice Springs Northern Territory, and I have been using Lose Baby Weight since October 2012. I have maintained a loss of 20kgs*!
Lose Baby Weight-20 kg Loss

Here is a little bit about me.
When I was pregnant with my youngest I topped the scale at my heaviest at 98kgs at 38 weeks – I’m 167cm tall. That didn’t bother me, as I knew it was my last pregnancy and I would just work on losing it after the baby was born.
Two days after my baby was born I weighed in the hospital I was still about 93kgs. I was wearing a size 18 clothing then.
We went home to our remote town which is 560kms west of Katherine, a town called Lajamannu. I enjoyed being a mum and went back to work when bub was 2 weeks old (I manage the local play group so that worked out).
I came across Lose baby weight on a Google search – I was sold straight away as it is safe to use when breastfeeding. I ordered 3 tubs of Smoothie mix plus the 28 Day Weight Loss Plan.
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smoothie sampler
When my Smoothies arrived, I knew I was serious- it was my time to start! New year’s day I started my  smoothies.

  • Start weight – 89kgs
  • 2 x smoothies a day for 4 weeks
  • I cut out on white carbs
  • Walked everywhere I go in the community pushing two girls in the pram

Weight loss in the first 4 weeks was 7kgs – yay!!!!!
Then I continued to having the 1 smoothie a day and following the plan.

  • 28 day plan recipes
  • 1 smoothie a day
  • A lot of incidental exercise
  • Introducing cross fit ( again )
  • Walking treadmill 1×30 min

On June 2013 I have lost a total of 18kgs – I could not believe it!!
The changes have started to be noticeable, I’m feeling active, and everyone at work is noticing that I’m losing weight—I have my life back.
In December 2013, I lost another 4 kgs. Bringing me down to 68kg – 3kgs to my goal weight.
best ways to lose weight


I have maintained the weight loss of 20kgs since 2013.
I would still love to lose another 5kgs but I have changed my mentality on this issue now—I go with how my body looks, my progress pics, and how my clothes fit.
I make sure that my family and I eat healthy foods, we do a lot of incidental exercise and I try to squeeze in my training in between.
I now fit in a size 8 jeans for the first time ever!!! I’m loving the freedom of buying clothes on a 10/12 and know it will fit me.
What I’ve learned from my journey

  • It’s not easy—but it’s going to be worth it.
  • We are not perfect; so if you fail that day, tomorrow is a new day!
  • Training wise; I have learned to pushed myself as hard as I can; when I thought I wont be able to do it.

The change that I made will transcend to my daughters. My 5 year olds plays sports – AFL, netball and swimming.  We are now a very active family.
My goal this October which is my 3 years anniversary for Lose Baby Weight:

  • I’m currently sitting on 70 kgs, I’d like to shift a few more.
  • I’m going back to the basics, using Smoothies and lots of food form the 28 Day Weight Loss Plan.
  • I’m doing lots and lots of incidental exercise – as my hubby is away for 6 weeks I will play with my kids more.

I hope I can motivate each and every one of you. I follow the page every day and I am so inspired with all of you Mums! That’s what keep me going every day.
Lots of love
Delight xx
For a sneak peek of the 28 Day Challenge exercises and to see just how easy they are, download your FREE Smoothie Sampler here.
smoothie sampler
Mum of One Tamara has lost an INCREDIBLE 35kg’s using The Healthy Mummy SMOOTHIES.
Tamara says “I love how much happier and healthier I am. I love my increased energy. I love the impact this is having on my son and husband. I love how much my husband adores his sexier wife. I even had someone comment yesterday that I dont look old enough to be a mum. I love that Lose Baby Weight has changed my life so much in just 10 months”.
tamara beforetamara after
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