Here Shannon Pepper, an expert in helping people lose weight, shares some tips about creating a positive mindset to help you through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge:
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Joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an exciting time for you, and the first few days or even weeks you are most likely still on a high for committing yourself to a new healthy lifestyle; but unfortunately after some time negative thoughts may start to enter your mind, and please know this is normal human behaviour.
Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up I’m going to teach you how to create a positive mindset, how to deal with negative thoughts and what to do to banish these in the future.
Women typically process over 60,000 thoughts a day with 95% of these thoughts being what you were thinking yesterday; so it makes sense that your thoughts can have a massive impact on your actions.
Creating a positive mindset is therefore the first step in creating long term success in any area of your life, including your health, fitness and weight. Before you are able to create a positive mindset you first need to become aware of your thoughts. By staying in tune with your thoughts you will be able to catch yourself with any negativity and start to think more positively; if you are thinking a negative thought you need to acknowledge what you are thinking and change it into a positive and empowering thought; for example:
‘ I have put on so much weight and I look and feel terrible, I’ll never lose this weight… I am such a failure’. This is a negative thought, so instead try this;
‘ Ok, I know I am overweight, but I have joined the 28 Day Challenge and I’m going to do something about it, and I will succeed.’
What you have just done is acknowledged the negative thought and let it go!
To keep the process going you need to train your brain; you need to positive self-talk and also have positive affirmations, examples of self-talk can be;

  • I love that I am a great mother
  • I love that I have joined this Challenge
  • I love that I have the ability to make a change
  • I love who I am

Examples of positive affirmations can be;

  • I am enjoying the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
  • I love that I have learnt so much from the Challenge
  • I love my Healthy Mummy Smoothies
  • I am making healthier choices for me and my family
  • Every day I feel stronger and sexier!

When negative thoughts are starting, remember to acknowledge them and quickly change them to something more positive… I highly recommend you repeat your self-talk and positive affirmations 5 times a day, by doing this you will start changing the way you think and make achieving your goals for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, much easier.
Shannon Pepper
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