Hi Mums, I have lost 15kgs* with Lose Baby Weight and I’m another step closer to achieving my ultimate goal of a healthy mind & body!
Lose Baby Weight-15kg Loss

This month has seen lots of highs, and a of a lot of lows.
Between a sick baby, being sick myself,  work problems, being unorganised, little exercise and stages of falling back into old habits life just got in the way and I only managed to lose 1kg instead of the desired 4kgs I set as my goal at the start of September.
As disappointed as I am for not reaching my goal I  am also grateful for all of those things, because how I reacted to each of those situations has taught me a little more about myself and how I react to different hurdles. so lets call the September challenge one of self discovery!!
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Before starting Lose Baby Weight and losing the weight if someone would have told me I would only lose 1kg in a month then I would of never signed up, I would have given up before I started and went out looking for that magic diet; the one where you starve yourself for a week or two then cave and binge on anything in sight until you are heavier than what you started.
BUT this program gives you so much more than a number on the scale, it gives you the tools to live a complete healthy life!
Between the 28 day challenge meal plans, resources, supportive community, informative website, smoothies, workout DVD and the various real mum YouTube videos this program is the complete package for me!!
Its enabling me to develop a healthy mind set and discover why it is that I gained all that weight and made unhealthy choices in the first place; and as I’m learning all these things im also learning how to tackle them next time, because lets be honest  there will be many ‘next times’
The September challenge  seen a little more confidence come out and a little less worrying about what other people might think.
I posted my first ever underwear comparison photo which was completely out of my comfort zone!
I also drummed up the courage to post a short exercise video for the online community to critique my form.  Which is a huge thing for me! Mental health progress ✔
Another new thing for me this month was the healthy mummy exercise DVD.
I was really looking forward to trying this out after seeing so many mums using it and honestly if it wasn’t for the DVD this month my exercise would have been almost non existent.
best ways to lose weight
I absolutely love how convenient it is to just throw it on and do quick little exercises while the kids were sleeping or playing and know that I’ve had a good workout just by the sweat dripping off by the end!
Definitely suggest purchasing if you are time poor like me! It was a lifesaver and is really affordable.
All in all its been a difficult month but I wouldn’t change it.
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes things don’t go to plan.
The most important bit of advise I have is to keep going, it doesn’t matter how bad or long you have gotten off track if you keep making an effort you will see results.
Thankyou The Healthy Mummy for creating such a well rounded program !
I’ve learnt so much already and am continuing to learn more about myself everyday!
For anyone that is thinking about joining but isn’t quite sure just GO FOR IT!
You will thank yourself in a few months when you are feeling fantastic for summer
Corina xx
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Lose Baby Weight- 24kg Loss
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