Hi everyone , So excited to be selected to be a Lose Baby Weight motivating mum for September! I have lost 15kg’s with Lose Baby Weight programmes so far.
Lose Baby Weight-15kg Loss
My name is Corina, I’m a 25yr old mum to 3 beautiful kids and I am on a journey to be the healthiest & happiest version of myself that I can be, not only for myself but for my busy family.
After gaining a massive 30+ kgs during my pregnancy last year I was feeling sluggish, unmotivated, tired & moody.
Not exactly ideal for a person who has struggled with low self esteem and anxiety for as long as I can remember. My main focus at the time was to get the weight off, so I tried a couple of fad; diets always giving up after 1-3 weeks because of how restrictive they were.
In January I came across Lose Baby Weight and was so motivated by the community on the Facebook page, everyone was so inspiring and relatable.
I began to try some of the free recipes. They were so good, hard to believe that I was allowed to eat so much yummy food while trying to lose weight. I then decided to take the plunge and invest in myself by signing up to the 28 day challenge and purchasing the smoothie mix!
Best thing I could have done for myself. I’ve learnt so much about the importance of a balanced diet and portion control.
For me my healthy lifestyle change has been on a bit of a roller coaster. I still have the occasional emotional binge eating session, but the most important thing I’ve learnt is that you just need to keep going.
One bad meal wont undo all your hard work. Getting over it and back on track instead of dwelling on your mistakes is the key. (Trust me, I’ve had to put that method into play many many times haha).
At first getting my head around the fact that I could eat more than 1200 calories was really difficult. Whenever I had dieted before this was the magic; number for weight loss so I would go really hard and restrict myself as well as increasing my exercise but after a few days would burn out, eat something bad then think ‘its too hard, I’ve already eaten bad no point in continuing now I’ll, start again next week’
Finding Lose Baby Weight meant I was able to learn how to eat a balanced diet and not restrict myself. When following the plans I never feel dissatisfied. If I am craving something its so easy to find a healthy alternative with so many recipes and the advise of the lovely ladies on the support page.
healthy eating meal plans
In the beginning I tried to concentrate mainly on my food choices. I knew that if I put my priority on exercising I would use it as an excuse to over eat or have a treat! Because I just worked hard so I deserve it right?… haha
Mentally I had to start one thing at a time, throwing in the occasional jog or walk when I was feeling good. It didn’t take long and I started following the Lose Baby Weight exercise plans and jogging whenever I could.
Before my last pregnancy I really got into jogging as a stress release, I even completed my first half marathon!!
My first jog after having bub I struggled to make 500 metres.. I had to start from scratch which was so tough as my brain was telling me I could do better but my body wasn’t letting me.
My endurance has improved a lot and I am now able to run 9km without stopping so hopefully ill be able to work my way back up to do another half marathon!
So far I’ve lost a total of 15kgs since joining lose baby weight and would love to get closer to my first major goal of 70 by the end of this challenge along with building on my fitness and most importantly my confidence!
A massive thankyou to all those ladies joining me, you all inspire me to keep going every day.
Corina xx

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Angela has lost 12kg (26 pounds) on 2 Challenges
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