Contact A Local Healthy Mummy Consultant

The Healthy Mummy Consultants are official local distributors of our Healthy Mummy products and are all mums who have transformed their health on our programs and lost significant amounts of weight with our products.
And you now have the option of buying directly from your local distributor or buying from the website.
The Consultants will be offering local support to mums using our products and plans. They will be running local support groups, local weigh-ins and you can check in on their local Facebook Support groups for further details of meet ups.
You can also purchase products directly from the Consultants and do not have to wait or pay for postage.

Healthy Mummy Consultants

Please see the map below for your local Healthy Mummy Consultants. We are growing our Healthy Mummy Consultant base and you can register your interest to become one below.
If you have trouble viewing this map or want to see a list of consultants click here.

Healthy Mummy Consultants

Please note this is NOT an MLM concept. No Healthy Mummy Consultant will ever recruit other consultants.
It is instead a great way to provide mums who love the brand with an opportunity to work from home on a brand you are passionate about and have had great success with
Please also note the Healthy Mummy Consultants are not trained nutritionists or exercise specialists. They are mums who have had huge weight loss success using our products and have the authority to sell any Healthy Mummy products to consumers.
They are sales consultants and will also be running support groups to help support and motivate mums in their local areas using Healthy Mummy products
You can of course still purchase directly from our website but we also wanted to offer a further personalised and localised option for purchasing from a local Healthy Mummy Consultant in your local area.

Want to become a Healthy Mummy Consultant?

Please feel free to submit your details to apply to become a Healthy Mummy Independent Sales Consultant and run your own Healthy Mummy business in your local area below
Please only apply if you have been a customer of the Healthy Mummy as it is very important to becoming a Consultant that you are passionate about the brand, love the brand, have had great success on the brand and want to impart your knowledge to others in your local area.
As the role is an Independent Sales Consultant Role, some of the key areas to have skills or experience in are:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Self motivation
  • Attention to detail
  • Highly organised
  • Excellent communication skills

Unfortunately, we cannot contact everyone who applies, but if successful we will be in contact with next steps.
Please note we don’t put new consultants on in areas where an existing Consultant is already based – but feel free to apply and we can add you to the wait list if that area becomes vacant.
Please fill in the form on Healthy Mummy Consultants