Codie has been following a healthy eating diet plan by using recipes from both the July and September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.
She is so happy with the results and is looking forward to the next Challenge starting November 3.
best_ways_to_lose_weightMy name is Codie and I had my son via an emergency C-section 4 months ago.
The past few years I have struggled with weight due to endometriosis & PCOS. I was blessed to fall pregnant on my honeymoon and in the lead up to my wedding I lost 15kg.
After having my son, I didn’t know how I would do it again and with a child this time.  So I signed up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge access in August where I used recipes from the July Challenge to get started and took part in the September challenge.
I am a fussy eater so I picked the recipes I liked from the September Challenge and designed my own meal plan. The photos on the left are me the morning of 1st September and on the right is me from the end of September.
What I have loved most about the program are the really easy but great tasting meals along with all the women on the Facebook page, they are all so inspiring with the amount of weight they have lost, their commitment to becoming a healthier them. They have all made me feel like I can do it too!
My progress for September:

  • Weight – 4.5kg (and a lot of bloat in my belly)
  • Waist- 17cm
  • Hips – 12cm
  • Chest – 8cm
  • Legs- 2.5cm
  • Arms – 1.5cm

Codie McKeon
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