Hello Ladies, I am absolutely thrilled to be a Maintenance Mummy for July 2015 and I have lost 26kg with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-26kg Loss

I started Lose Baby Weight on the 1st of September 2014 when I was five months post-partum.
I was so depressed about my appearance, lacked energy, self-worth and confidence. I was a first time mummy who struggled to stay full whilst exclusively breastfeeding our daughter.
I snacked ALL day long on quick easy snacks as I was very time poor. There came a time where I couldn’t even look in the mirror any longer and of course this had terrible effects on my marriage.
The less I loved myself and hated the way I looked, the more I withdrew affectionately from my husband. How could he love me If I couldn’t even bare to look at myself? This was a huge factor into my motivation of starting my weightless journey.
The second most important motivation was our daughter. We had decided to do Baby-led Weaning (BLW) when our daughter turned six months and since the foundations of BLW is that the child eats what you eat, it meant that we had to dramatically improve our diet so that our daughter would be exposed to healthy eating. Children are so impressionable and so my husband and I wanted to lead by example and show her what it means to have a healthy and active lifestyle.
lose baby weight
I had first discovered Lose Baby Weight in July 2014 however, I honestly thought to myself such successful results can’t be true and even if they were there’s no way I would one of these success stories.
So I left it for a few months and It wasn’t until I saw some family photos that we had done, that it made me realise just how overweight and disgusted I felt about myself. That was the last straw and my light bulb moment.
I had nothing to lose so I signed up to my 1st Lose Baby Weight challenge in Sep and have participated in every challenge since.
I have continued to participate in the challenges as they provide an abundance of NEW yummy recipes and provide me with the ability to change up my exercise routine which is a key factor in pushing through plateaus.
By the end of my first challenge I had lost 5kg and had learnt how to fuel my body with healthy nutritious foods that kept me full for longer. My favourite aspect about the challenges, it that they are completely CUSTOMISABLE!
Having the ability to select daily meals and plan for a full week ensures YOU get to choose foods that your family love and most importantly will eat! It means you can CUSTOMISE it to suit your family’s budget.
Lose Baby Weight-26kg Loss
Meal planning has been huge factor in being able to sustain a healthy lifestyle, when you are prepared and have a plan on what each meal is then you are less likely to resort to unhealthier options.
All the challenge recipes are quick, easy, budget friendly and most importantly family friendly. Lose Baby Weight isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I only ever now cook Lose Baby Weight recipes as they have always have a healthy recipe alternative to family favourites.
Since starting with Lose Baby Weight I have lost 26 kg but it’s what I have gained that I am truly grateful for. I have gained respect and love for myself and my body, I have gained a happier marriage, I have gained self-confidence and self-worth, I have gained valuable knowledge regarding how best to fuel my body (and the family’s body’s) with nutritious foods but most importantly I have gained self-belief.
If you are reading this and doubting that you could be the next success story… STOP… because anybody has the ability to achieve greatness with the help of Lose Baby Weight and just a little bit of belief in yourself. What are you waiting for??? Start your healthy lifestyle NOW!
Much love
Claire xx

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