Hi Lose Baby Weight!

I started on your post pregnancy weight loss plans on 4 January 2013 as I’d had enough of being the weight I was.
At full term with my beautiful daughter, I weighed 94 kilos and I wasn’t too worried as I really hadn’t put on too much weight (thank God!)
After giving birth I weighed 90 kilos and after a week or so that dropped to 87.3 kilos – only 5.3 kilos to lose!  That was very encouraging.
Thanks to my horrible diet during this time I didn’t lose any weight breastfeeding, which from the stories I had heard I was SURE I would no matter what I ate.
Very soon I had crept back up to 94 kilos and knew it had to stop.  I hated what I saw in the mirror and my confidence and self-esteem had just plummeted, which definitely was no help post-partum.
I saw an ad for the Healthy Mummy smoothies and I thought maybe I should give them a go, as I was considering doing other weight-loss shakes but knew they weren’t safe for breastfeeding.  In the end, I had actually stopped breastfeeding before I decided to finally lose weight but I chose to go order the smoothies as they were very safe and healthy (no weight-loss accelerants) and I also bought the 28-day plan.  At $28, I just had no excuse not to anymore.
I saw the weight loss challenge for January and decided it was definitely time to get serious about losing weight and finding my old self. Every Saturday afternoon/evening I let myself have a treat but during the week I am very strict as to what I eat.
My whole body shape has changed and by the end of January I had lost a total of 5.8 kilos and two dress sizes.  My weight and measurements at January’s end (before and after) are as follows:
Start of January and beginning of Lose Baby Weight plan:

  • 93.7kg
  • bust – 108cm
  • waist – 95cm
  • hips – 119cm
  • thighs – 67cm

January’s end

  • 87.9kg
  • bust – 98cm
  • waist – 86cm
  • hips – 109cm
  • thighs – 61cm

My goal is to reach 75kg and no larger than a size 12 – only 12.9kg to go!

Thanks for all your help. I’m feeling more like myself every day.
Claire Kerr
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