Hi Lose Baby Weight, I wanted to share my pregnancy weight loss story with you after being on the Lose Baby Weight Plans and hopefully my weight loss story will inspire other mums who are where I was this time last year and who are looking for a breastfeeding safe diet plan.


My precious daughter will be one next week and I also have two older boys – twins who are 3 ½ – so life is very busy.
When I was pregnant with the boys, I gained around 35kgs but lost it within 6 months.
I certainly didn’t do it in a healthy way though and now that the boys are older and taking notice of how we behave; I owed it to them to set a good example.
I had severe breastfeeding difficulties with the twins and after repeated bouts of mastitis and an abscess, I ended up giving up when they were just 3 months old.
I was determined to breastfeed my daughter for at least a year, so when I began to consider losing my baby weight back in April, my prime concern was how on earth was I going to shift over 10kg and maintain my supply that I had worked so hard to establish?  I decided to try exercising without altering my diet, for fear of my milk drying up.
Through exercise I managed to go from 90kg to 86kg but then my weight loss stalled.
Luckily for me, I stumbled across the Healthy Mummy Smoothies one weekend while I was surfing the net.   I initially ordered the basics pack, thinking it would be just the kick I needed to start losing again.
Then I soon became addicted to the healthy mummy smoothies and was delighted when, coupled with really clean eating and exercise, the extra weight started melting away.
As I became lighter, I started running (something that just wasn’t possible before) and over the winter completed the Couch to 5k running program.
I have overhauled my whole life thanks to your program.  Our whole family is eating clean and I am working out at the gym 4 -5 days a week, with two games of netball thrown in for good measure.
My kids now have the expectation that they will be coming to the gym with me most days and nag if we don’t go.  I hope I am giving them the tools to remain healthy and active throughout life.
Don’t get me wrong, it was a slow process.  Some weeks I would lose over a kilo but many others I saw losses of just 200g (and even a few weeks when I gained weight).
But I stuck with it and I’m delighted to report that since starting with Lose Baby Weight in July, I’ve lost 12.5 kg and now weigh 73.5kg, less than before I fell pregnant with the twins.
I’ve also completed a 10k race in 63 minutes AND I’m still breastfeeding my nearly one year old.  Not bad for someone who had three kids under three at the beginning of the year.
Yours Sincerely,
Claire Dolliver

If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding and can help support your milk supply

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