Three months ago where my weight loss journey started with the Lose Baby Weight plans and I never thought I could get where I am now.
I used to do drastic detox diets, where the weight loss results never lasted.
But in the last three months I have just used the Healthy Mummy Smoothie for lunch, weetbix with chia seeds and fruit for breakfast,  and dinner I  eat a normal healthy dinner. Oh and havesome healthy snacks.


I have joined a gym,  where I really only do some classes.  I do rpm three times a week and one boxing class a week.
My weight loss results have been fantastic. On weekends my diet is quite relaxed.  I stick to it,  but I’ll enjoy some yummy (not so good treats too).But this approach is working.
Here are my results so far. I started at 76 kilo and I’m now 68 kilo.  My goal weight is 65 kilo. Here are my measurements from 76kilo.
Were –

  • Hips 103.5cm
  • Waist 102.5 cm
  • Thighs 62.5cm
  • Love handles 105cm
  • Arms 27 cm
  • Weight 76 kilo


  • Waist 79.5cm -loss= 23.5cm
  • Hips 96.5 – loss = 7 cm
  • Thighs 58.5 – loss 4cm
  • Love handles 94.5cm-loss= 10.5
  • Arms 25cm – loss 2.5cm
  • Weight 68 kilo – loss 8 kilo

Christine O’Callaghan
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