‘Since my last email to you I have had some progress that I’m really happy with.
I am finally feeling in control of my body rather than my body being in control of me.
I continue to face challenges that test me and my willpower to keep going strong.
My kids getting sick, my back going on me again, troubles with family members that make me emotional and want to turn to food.
But I remind myself of what I’m striving towards everyday by constantly going on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page and website and reading the motivational stories and looking at other people’s results and they help me SOOOOOO much.
They remind me I am not in this alone and that I have worked too hard and waited too long to give up now after all my progress.
This has all been made easier by now having the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast ‘AND’ lunch instead of just lunch like before.


No matter how much I try though to attempt different healthy mummy smoothie recipes I can’t get enough of the Choc Mocha smoothie for breakfast and for lunch I mixed the berry bang and banana blaster recipe as I can’t choose between bananas and blueberries 🙂
I also have started using more of the recipes from the website for dinner and have got my partner to like them as well (Yay!!!!)
Every day is a struggle but every day my progress and Lose Baby Weight keep me motivated and strong.
I think probably the significant event that got me motivated after having my last beautiful boy in June 2012, is when my eldest (who at the time was 5yrs) told me I was ‘FAT’ (very innocently).
That’s when it hit me how important it was for me to change not only for myself and my health but for my three boys as role models to them.
Thanks so much as without the support of my partner, three boys and yourselves – Lose Baby Weight, I don’t think I could have continued as long as I have with my weight loss goal.’
Total weight lost: 13.8kg
Total cm’s lost: 26cm

February May
Hips 122cm 116cm
Waist 115cm 106cm
Bust 129cm 120cm
Thighs 68cm 66cm
Weight 109.6kg 95.8kg

– Chloe Rizzi
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