My name is Cheryl I’m a mum of two girls and I’ve been a Motivating Mum with Lose Baby Weight for the month of April and I have lost over 10kgs using the Lose Baby Weight challenges and products.
Lose Baby Weight-10kg LossThe April 28 Day Challenge has been an exceptionally good experience for me, as it was my first with committing to the exercise part of the challenge.  Being new to exercise I was nervous but I soon got the hang of the exercises and within the first two weeks my strength and fitness had increased a great deal.
I was barely able to do one Burpee at the beginning of the challenge and 2 weeks in I was doing at least 12 in one minute.
A few things that helped me stay on track with the challenge were the mini goals I set up to achieve by the end of the challenge, being a Motivating Mum and wanting to help support and motivate others and also being organised.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Being organised is especially important with sticking to the meal plans.  I work three days a week and often cook 2 meals on my days off to put one aside for my working days and have dinner left overs as lunches.
I also make snacks in batches and my favourite snacks are the Choc Bliss Balls, muffins and I also love the Dark Chocolate Strawberry parfait for when I feel like I need an indulgent treat every now and then.
Oh and the Healthy Mummy smoothies, where would I be without them!  I have never been one to eat much for breakfast but with Lose Baby Weight I’ve come to realise just how important it is to kick start my day and the smoothies are a fantastic energy boost that help me get so much more out of my workouts.  My favourite recipes are the ones with oats and coffee.

 My top tip to exercise tips would be

  • Try to get your exercise done as early as you can in the day, you will feel better throughout the day knowing you’ve done it and it’s not weighing on your mind that you need to do it.
  • Put your workout gear on first thing in the morning or as soon as you get home from work or being out, it will help you be more active!  On my work days I am unable to exercise in the morning so when I get home after work I change into my workout gear and exercise as soon as my children have gone to bed.
  • Have a plan set up for when bad weather prevents you to exercise outside.  I have the Healthy Mummy DVD which I LOVE as It is SO easy for beginners and shows you how to go up stages as you get stronger! I also have a treadmill and some hand weights.

I spend a lot more time with my children outdoors now and we are a lot more active which all adds up and will help me achieve my end goal.  I’m a much happier Mum and person for joining Lose Baby Weight and I am so grateful that I joined the challenges and have the support that comes with it.
Cheryl xx
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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