Mum Cheryl Berry has been following Lose Baby Weight and has lost over 9kgs. For the month of April Cheryl will be motivating and inspiring us all as her continues to lose baby weight.
“I’m a Mum to two beautiful girls 6 & 2 years.  My weight loss journey started in Oct 2013 when I removed all processed foods and sugar from my family’s diet and introduced clean nutrient dense foods to every meal.
This came from receiving tests results that showed I was iron deficient and had been for some time.  The biggest symptom of mine for being iron deficient was always being tired and having no energy all day even when I’d had a great night sleep.

“The 28 Day Weightloss Challenges are so helpful, the meal plans taught portion control which was exactly what I needed! They have SO many easy healthy recipes which is exactly what I needed!”

Lose Baby Weight- 15kg Loss

I made it my mission to learn about good healthy foods and the best ways to add them to our diets initially focusing mainly on iron enriched foods for myself especially to help give me that extra bounce in my step each day.  I found introducing a morning breakfast smoothie (which also would include protein or good fats to keep me feeling full) to my daily routine was the best way to add iron from natural foods to my diet without using medication long term.  After the first few weeks I noticed my energy levels increasing and I was feeling happier, healthier and my mind was so much clearer and I wanted to get out and do more walking.
After 3 months I had lost almost 10kg’s! Winter then came and I found myself losing motivation to get up early and walk with my daughter to school so we drove more often.  We were still eating clean healthy foods but comfort foods, little variety and no sense of portion control. By the time December rolled around I had put 6kgs back on, and then I came across Lose Baby Weight.
The 28 Day Weightloss Challenges are so helpful, the meal plans taught portion control which was exactly what I needed! They have SO many easy healthy recipes which is exactly what I needed! The smoothie mixes made with whole foods were exactly what I needed!!  The challenge exercises were exactly what I needed!!!  The Facebook support group was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!!!!
I signed up straight away and have never looked back. It was so simple to introduce this to my lifestyle and each week the kg’s just keep coming off.  I’ve taken my time learning exercises as it always seems to overwhelm me so I started with learning to run 5k’s which I proudly accomplished!  Since starting Lose Baby Weight in mid December 14 I have lost another 9kgs with the total now being 15kgs, half way to my goal!!
I am SO ready to tackle this winter head on, I have another 15 kg’s to lose and I can definitely see myself reaching this goal with Lose Baby Weight and the support in the Facebook group.
Cheryl xx
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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