Hi There Mum’s!
I’m Mum to 2 girls ages 6 & 2 and I work Part-Time and have lost over 9kgs using the Lose Baby Weight Plans. I am really enjoying my first month being a Motivating Mum, motivating others and helping them along their journey.  It has also been great motivation to get me to the next level in my own journey which is fitness.
Lose baby Weight-9kg Loss
Initially when I started the 28 Day Challenge my main focus was getting my food right with portion sizes and calories and the meal plan has been a blessing for this.  Although I had been eating healthy and clean for 14 months prior to finding Lose Baby Weight I had not only hit a plateau with my weight loss but started gaining weight again. Since starting Lose Baby Weight in December and joining the challenges I am successfully losing weight each week as it has also motivated me to get out and be more active.  It is a feeling of clarity knowing I’m on the right track and treating my body with respect.
April is my third 28 Day Weightloss Challenge however my first with adding in the challenge exercises.  I had been doing a lot of walking and running however the challenge exercises are a new area for me.  I have to take new journeys in steps otherwise I feel overwhelmed and anxiety will take over.  This month I am enjoying learning fitness exercises and with just one week in I am already seeing an increase to my fitness levels.  I take the challenge exercises at my own pace ensuring they are still challenging enough to see results.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
This week I may not have been able to do the exercises most days until after 9pm BUT I still did them and finished with a feeling of self accomplishment.  Leaving exercise until the next day is no longer an option I accept for myself.  On the odd occasion where I might have to, I know that I will push myself harder and do double the exercise the next day to make up for it.  The old me would have turned one day of non exercise into two or three or four and so on and then thought “What’s the use?!”.
The support and motivation of the online Lose Baby Weight Facebook group has been a huge factor in helping me in my journey and has taught me to make the time for myself.  I have to make time for me if I want the change, no-one else can make the change for me.
Setting goals is a really good way to help stay on track.  I have a main goal which is to get to my ideal healthy weight range however I have set up mini goals to help me get there so it doesn’t seem so daunting.  I set my mini goals at 5kg per goal and have achieved 3 of these mini goals so far!  I now only have three more mini goals until I reach my main goal and can start maintaining my weight and for the first time in my life I know it is achievable.  I am so much happier within myself now that I just can’t fathom just how blissful and confident within myself I will be when I get to my main goal and this feeling is what drives me to get there.  I’m excited to see how much of a better person, Mum, Wife, and Friend I can be when I find myself again.  I’m only half way there and it feels so good already.
Cheryl xx
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