Chelona Ross has lost an amazing 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for December and is loving her new healthy lifestyle. (please note results may vary from person to person)

Hi my name is Chelona or Chel for short and I am a very excited Motivating Mum for December, It is a time of celebration in our family and sharing the excitement of 2 birthdays, Christmas and New Years with you all is going to be a blast the Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight way.
I started my weight lose journey in late August after my beautiful 8 year old son asked me if I was OK?, this shocked me as I was not sure what he meant so I asked and his reply was “you look tired mum and you don’t do things with us anymore” my heart was broken and I knew exactly why! I had become the mum that used her babies as an excuse for not moving and my fussy eater husband as an excuse for not eating to fuel my body but to meet his likes.
It was time to take action so I researched and found Lose Baby Weight and Healthy Mummy and have now participated in the September and November 28 Day challenges and the ever improving tools and menu along with exercise I can do at home have given me a new love of my body and how I treat it.
I started weighing 88.5kg and for 162cm short i was just fitting a size 16 and  honestly should have been wearing an 18-20.
I have lost an amazing 11.2kg and now fit comfortably in a size 14 and even some size 12’s.
Changing my lifestyle and the foods I feed myself and my family is always evolving and I love using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies as we run out the door for swimming or football.
My family now plan our meals weekly and hubby and my son pick a meal each from the Healthy Mummy Books or website, they even helped me customise my plan and prepare meals throughout the November 28 Day Challenge.
I’m looking forward to sharing what I have learnt so far on my journey and learning more from all you beautiful mums throughout this festive season.
Summer is the time for BBQ’s with friends and if you’re looking for delicious recipes try some of my favorites for the spring summer cookbook.
Chelona Ross
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