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Today, Motivating Mum Chaye Challacombe talks about her 30kg weight loss to date – well done Chaye!
Hi everyone!
Only 1kg to go until I hit my summer challenge goal weight of 65kgs – I feel fantastic!
I also hit my goal of making a total loss of over 30kgs on the Lose Baby Weight plans!!! So excited and proud to have hit that goal.
A year ago, I was a completely different person and never would have even dreamed that this was possible and the Healthy Mummy Products and Lose Baby Weight Plans are so easy to use and follow – and I thoroughly recommend them to all mums!.
It just goes to show that you can change, you may think you can’t and that you will just fall into your old bad habits- but if you stick your mind to it, it WILL happen!
I have been doing the Lose Baby Weight motivating mum live chats over the summer challenge and I am loving the opportunity to speak to some of you personally and help you overcome your weight loss battles and look forward to the new ones as part of the 2014 Challenge – which you can join here.
Something I have been asked a few times is- How do you stay motivated? The first time I was asked this I actually didn’t find it easy to answer. It was something that I hadn’t actually thought of in too much detail before. Since then I have been thinking about it a lot and there are really several things that have helped me get to where I am today.
At first, I kept going because I think there were so many people that thought this was a phase and that I would fail. Honestly I even thought at first that I would fail. But I wanted to prove to everyone and myself that I was stronger than that and that I could do it, and I think that I have exceeded everyones expectations. After a while I started to see the difference in myself, and not long after so did everyone else. Seeing the weight actually come off me was fantastic motivation,  I realised that all these sacrifices were worth it.
I was getting compliments all the time and that really pushed me to keep going too. I am a bit of a shopaholic so I loved all the shopping for new clothes along the way which motivated me more, I would save money and set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight before I was allowed to go on a shopping spree. The other thing that motivated me was the support I was getting from my family, friends and the lose baby weight community. If you ever find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut or having a bad day I really recommend that you either go to the lose baby weight page or email them as there is always someone else that has been in your position that is more than willing to help you.
In the last fortnight I have had a lot of sleepless nights thanks to my beautiful 10 month old son. I have been loving my smoothies more than usual after these long nights, they have been really quick and easy when I don’t have much energy- and they give me a much needed energy boost for the day ahead. I haven’t tried too many new healthy mummy smoothies yet this month but over the next week I am definitely going to be trying some new smoothieflavours. My favourite this fortnight has been the radical raspberry, I found the recipe for this one in the Healthy Spring & Summer cookbook (which I am loving!).
I have enjoyed lots of yummy meals, and have actually tried a couple from the Spring & Summer cookbook which I have wanted to try for ages, but never got around to it until I was motivated to now.  My favourites have been the Barbeque chicken burgers- my husband loves this recipe and has requested in weekly since we had it. I also love the traffic light stir fry from the spring & summer cookbook and the marinated lamb from the 28 day plan which is another regular on our menu at home.
I have not been exercising every day yet like I would like to but I am definitely almost there and over the next week will be pushing myself more to do it. So far for the month I have attended a few bootcamps through my gym and been jogging and using the healthy mummy post pregnancy exercise DVD.  
My favourites this week from the DVD have definitely been the 15 minute toning cardio- this one really works the legs as well as gets your heart rate up which is great! I am also loving the stretch and relax at the end of a workout or even at the end of a busy day, it really helps me wind down and relax. I have also started doing an arm workout a couple of times a week as my upper body strength really does let me down at the moment so I have set myself a goal to improve upon it.
My measurements

  • Weight- 66kgs (Down 1.5kgs)
  • Bust- 86cm   (Down 2cm)
  • Navel- 93cm
  • Waist- 79cm (Down 1cm)
  • Hips- 101cm
  • Thigh- 58cm (Down 1/2cm)

I hope the month is going well for you all so far! If not, the month is definitely far from over and there is still plenty of time to get back into it. You will feel so much better for it if you do!
Until next time,
Chaye x
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