Hi Everyone!
I am lucky enough to be back again as a motivating Mum for November! I loved the motivation that it gave me last time and think that this is just what I need to reach my ultimate goal.  I want to finish off the summer challenge with a bang and be sure that I tried my very hardest to complete my goals. I would also love to be able to help all of you with your summer challenge goals, this is the last month for it so it is really time to commit and get it done!
Since starting my journey with the lose baby weight plans in February, I have now lost a total of 29kgs!
I seriously never thought that this was possible, I feel amazing! I am still following the 28 day plan and using the delicious healthy mummy smoothies, I also add in a lot of recipes from the website or the spring & summer cookbook. I spent a lot of October sick so I was only trying to maintain my weight but now I am feeling healthy and motivated again so I am ready to lose my last couple of kilos and reach my goal weight.


Over the month of November I have 2 main goals, Firstly I want to make a total loss of 30kgs. It would be an amazing accomplishment for me and I know that with lose baby weight, I can do it!
Secondly I want to get back to exercising every day. While I was sick it was very difficult to do a lot of exercise and I have really missed it. Also after I reach the 30kg goal, I would like push it to reach my goal weight of 65kgs.
My exercise for the month will involve a combination of walking/jogging, gym classes and bootcamps, and workouts from the Post pregnancy exercise DVD from lose baby weight. With that much variety it will be impossible to not want to exercise every day. I find the DVD awesome for when I can’t get out of the house. It’s great for me because it is split into the smaller 10-15 mins blocks. It seems whenever I try to do something, my children want all my attention and that’s why the smaller blocks are good. If they are happy playing after my first 10 mins, then I will do another one and so on.
Fitness is becoming a bit of a passion of mine and I am really trying to get better at it. I always hated the idea of exercise, I never thought that I would actually enjoy it like I do now!
I am going to try some new smoothies again also, while I do have quite a variety that I enjoy now it is always exciting to find new ones. At the moment I love the oaty, almond, pear and honey smoothie – recipe can be found here. 
I see a lot of Mum’s on the lose baby weight facebook page asking about how our husbands cope when we start to lead a healthier lifestyle, especially with the change of meals. I am very lucky to have a supportive husband and he was very open to trying new foods and also started exercising with me to motivate me. I think what we didn’t expect is how much it would change his life also. He has lost over 20kgs now too!
The plan can work for your whole family and while the change may be hard at first, it could be worth it for him also.  All the recipes are also very adaptable so you can change them a little bit to suit your husband or children if needed.
My measurements

  • Weight- 96.6kgs
  • Bust- 105cm
  • Navel- 119cm (I measured the wrong spot for my waist when I first started)
  • Hips- 125cm
  • Thigh- 66cm


  • Weight- 67.6kgs (Down 29kgs)
  • Bust- 88cm (Down 17cm)
  • Navel- 93cm (Down 26cm)
  • Waist- 80cm (Down 7cm since start of August, unsure how many from the start as I was measuring wrong spot)
  • Hips- 101cm (Down 24cm)
  • Thigh- 58.5cm (Down 7.5cm)

I have a feeling November is going to be a great month, I hope it is for you too!
Until next time,
Chaye x

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