Just a quick update on my weight loss journey with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
I am still losing weight and have now completed my ultimate goal of getting down to 70kg!
I decided afterwards that I wanted to lose another 5kgs so my journey continues.
I am now 68.1kgs and I have to say that it feels so amazing to be under 70kgs for the first time in so long!


I think the last time I was this small was the end of school.
I follow the 28 day plan but also mix it up with some of the yummy recipes from the website also. I love my healthy mummy smoothies and trying new flavours all the time, I love how versatile they are.
I am now concentrating on fitness alot more also, have joined the gym and love doing group classes and bootcamps. Exercising with other people really motivates me to push myself harder.
When I just can’t make it there I go for a walk/jog and am now loving the new Healthy Mummy exercise DVD from lose baby weight. I try to do at least one of the workouts from it a day, and do more if my children allow me the time.
Because the workouts on your DVD are split up into 10-15 minute blocks they are perfect for me with 2 young boys and not enough time in the day. I love how they cater to different skill levels by having women in the video doing an easier and harder version so you can just follow whichever one you are at.
All the information is great and so important to all Mum’s, whether you have only just had a baby or if you have older children. The DVD really caters to everyone – I love it! Great work Lose Baby Weight!
I am feeling happy, healthy, amazing and just so positive about my future. 28.5kgs down now, can’t wait to say that I have lost 30kgs!
I love my new healthy lifestyle, wouldn’t have been able to do it without the Lose Baby Weight plans and Healthy Mummy products!

Chaye Challacombe x
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