‘When I finished school, moved out of home and settled down with my partner, the weight started piling on.
I became less active and just generally ate whatever I wanted regardless of how good or bad it was for you.
By the time I fell pregnant with my first child 4 years later I had already gained about 40kg and gained another 10kg during the pregnancy.
I failed to lose any weight after my son was born and I honestly thought that it wasn’t even possible anyway, so didn’t try.
I fell pregnant again a year later, and still was very unhealthy.
Towards the end of my pregnancy I noticed Lose Baby Weight on Facebook and started to read the amazing stories other women had sent in.


I wished that I could be like these women but still didn’t have any faith in myself to do it.
After my second son was born, I started thinking about these stories again. Reading them again, I realised that these are normal women just like me and that maybe I could do it too.
I decided to take the first step and just try, not honestly believing that I would stick to it.
I ordered the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and the 28 Day Plan, and also read the recipes on the website.
A couple of weeks later, at the start of February, I started the Lose Baby Weight plan. The Healthy Mummy smoothies were really yummy and to my surprise, so was eating healthy.
In the first week I lost 2kg! I was amazed.
I had not seen a lower number on the scales in years! Seeing results like this made be more motivated to keep going.
I set myself my first goal, which was to lose 10kg by my birthday in May.
I started going on a walk a few times a week and also started doing a boot camp twice a week as well as eating healthily still.
My birthday was a few weeks ago and I am so proud to say that I smashed my goal and managed to lose 15kg!
I have now lost 17kg in total and still have a bit to go.
My next goal is to get down to 70kg which would put me into the healthy BMI range for my height.
I am so excited to get there and with the help from Lose Baby Weight, I am very confident I will reach my goal.’
Before- 05/02/13- 96.6kg
After- 27/05/13- 79.6kg
– Chaye Challacombe
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