lose_baby_weightHi Lose Baby Weight
My sister in-law had asked me to be her MOH for her December wedding before I even knew I was pregnant.
We had chosen and purchased my dress early but during and after my pregnancy I had upgraded a couple of sizes.
Bub was born on the 21st of February and since I was (and still am) breastfeeding I did my best to eat healthily, however with my three boys to look after I found all I could manage was a half hour walk in the morning – if that!
Also sometimes I found myself rushing through dinner and then later on feeling hungry I’d snack on a banana and a glass of milo (after the kids have finally been tucked in bed).
Although I was slowly losing weight I didn’t really know how far to push myself and by September I felt I really needed that extra push then, because I was left stuck with a dress that I couldn’t zip up.
I didn’t want to compromise my milk supply by eating less just to lose the extra kilos so I googled “lose baby weight” and there on top of the first page was your link.
I spent a couple of days reading all about your the healthy mummy products and allowed all the great reviews and successful stories to decide for me.
I ordered my Basics pack on the 19th of September and soon after started to enjoy my yummy healthy mummy smoothies in the morning then later changed it at night in replacement to dinner.
To my surprise I felt no hunger pains or cravings! Instead of getting some snack organised when the kids were all asleep I was happily reading my book or calling it an early night too.
I lost a 1kg a week and still had plenty if not more milk supply. Here is a picture of me now happily trying on both my size-8 dresses thanks to the healthy mummy smoothies and your wonderful foods and smoothy recipes! Now I can’t wait till December – Charina 🙂
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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