Chantal Ferguson from C913 Radio station started on the Lose Baby Weight plans last year and it has been an absolute pleasure to help her lose her baby weight and feel full of energy.
Chantel has shared her weight loss story below and picture below – and how gorgeous is her little girl!! (For more from Chantel you can see her blog here)

Chantel’s story

During my first pregnancy I gained 28kgs. It was a difficult pregnancy which became a battle to get through the days at any cost and that cost was the weight I was left with in the end.
It was a shame because I felt so self conscious about the way I looked. I stopped seeing friends and avoided getting my photo taken with my baby. That’s how bad I felt about the way I looked.  I worked really hard eating well and getting back on my feet over the following 12 months but I wasn’t even close to fitting into my fabulous old clothes that were apart of my identity.
Every few months I’d try and squeeze into them but only a few items would ever fit. I was walking everyday and eating well but I couldn’t get back to me. 
Then I found Lose baby weight and I was ready and willing to try it! And so glad I did, not only did I shed over 2 kgs in the first two weeks but I had focus, energy and hope once again.
I felt on my way and empowered. I knew I was fueling my body with vitamins and fruit and everything it needed and I could feel it working!
I got down to my final 5 kgs before falling pregnant with my second child and I am not afraid of facing my pregnant body and can enjoy my pregnancy this time round without the fear of losing myself.
I sleep well knowing once my baby is born I can continue with my smoothies and the 28 Day breastfeeding diet and I treat the Lose Baby Weight plans as  my secret weapon. I’m no longer fighting the battle alone and I know it works.
Normal weight loss diets don’t work, and as mothers we need a healthy program created by someone who truly understands what it’s like to be a mother and Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team understands this and that is why the program is so successful.
In my opinion there is nothing on the market that compares.”
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