Victoria_beckham_pregnantThere seems to be a celebrity baby boom on at the moment – Mariah Carey just had her twins, Kate Hudson is due as is Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice), Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba and January Jones to name but a few and in the excitement of all the sound of little fit the Paparazzi and Celebrity gossip magazines seem to be already obsessing about “how long will it take Posh Spice to lose her baby weight” or “How will Mariah Carey lose her baby weight”  How hideous!
Of course these women should be left alone to enjoy being with their new babies but in a world where magazines and entertainment shows are based on pictures and how people look you can guarantee that that won’t happen.
I can’t even imagine how much a magazine would pay for a photograph of Victoria Beckham with a big jelly post belly baby!!  But Posh Spice wouldn’t let it happen.  She has made her signature look from being a super skinny mum following weight loss plans and with 3 kids under her belt already I am sure she won’t let number 4 change that – even if it means wearing Nancy Gantz under her clothes to suck any post pregnancy belly fat in until she has had a chance to get her team of people to ensure she loses her weight fast and loses the baby belly.
The sad thing is though that I am sure that celebrity mums feel so much pressure to lose their baby weight and that that pressure takes them away from them enjoying their first few months with their new babies.  I know when I was losing my 14kg of baby weight I had times when I had good weeks and bad weeks – but at least when I had bad weeks I didn’t need to stress – I could just take the pressure off as there wasn’t a deadline, but the celebrity mums losing their weight seem like they are in a race to get back on the red carpet in the fastest time possible or to pose for a gossip magazine to tell the world how they lost their weight in 4 week etc.
The Miranda Kerr pregnancy weight loss seem to spark much debate with mothers – and probably because she looks sickeningly good and posed in a bikini looking hot to trot 2 months after her baby was born. I have already posted a blog on this but after reading countless of other articles on the subject too I think a lot of women just feel slighlty annoyed that here is someone who looks AMAZING after 8 weeks and when many mums struggle to lose their baby weight it can be a bit depressing to see someone else do it so seemingly easily. So maybe a bit of green eyed monster from all of us mums as it does set an unrealistic expectation of losing pregnancy weight and how Miranda Kerr looks and how quickly she lost her weight cannot and should not be held as a goal by other mums.
Mariah_carey_lose_baby_weightLosing weight (whether pregnancy weight or not) is a personal subject and although appearance is the over riding factor for many people losing weight, health must be the other consideration – mental and physical and when it comes to mums I absolutely believe that you should not force yourself into losing weight and it is something you should do when you feel ready and not a moment sooner. And if looking at pictures of celebrities depresses you as they look so think then don’t buy the magazines and don’t look at the pictures. You have to remember that weight loss is an individual matter and everyone has different bodies and different motivations. Miranda Kerr and other super models would have a total different metabolism to you or I as well as a motivation to lose her weight quickly so she can continue with her million dollar modelling job.
So when you are ready to lose weight (and this could be 3 months, 6 months or even 18 months after your baby) remember not to place unrealistic pressure or unrealistic goals on yourself. Instead focus on good nutrition, exercise and have a healthy attitude to your weight loss which will ensure you stay healthy after the weight has gone. There are hundreds of thousands of mums in the same boat as you so you are not alone and be thankful that you are not a celebrity who feels the need to bare all to a magazine 6 weeks after birth!