I guess most women are at their smallest is when they get married and then tend to put on the weight after having children and gaining pregnancy weight gain and then use their wedding photos as their weight loss motivation. My weight loss journey isn’t quite like that.
I was a teen mum when I had my daughter and that’s when I started to put on A LOT of weight. I had lost a lot of friends and had kind of lost myself throughout my pregnancy, and afterwards- as we do, putting our bubs first. I literally just ate crap all of the time- takeaway 3-4 times a week, soft drink almost daily, chocolate by the block, even chocolate chip biscuits for breakfast. I feel totally terrible looking back now.
weight loss
I don’t actually know what my pre pregnancy weight was with my daughter. I wasn’t huge, I wore a size 12-14, I had boobs and hips but wasn’t overweight.
I have now lost 29kg using the Lose Baby Weight plans. I started off around 105kgs and  am now sitting around 76.6kgs (putting 100grams on over Easter), I am starting to get to the point in my weight loss journey where I no longer have clothes to try on and see how they fit as most have already been thrown out. This, of course, is a great thing! But at the same time it is very new and taking a while for me to adjust.
Some ladies I have spoken to have said to me “Oh, I weighed this at my wedding and that is now my goal” or “I just want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.” These are all fantastic goals but I have never been this light before and could never have dreamed of getting my body to where it is now.  I have also been asked “What did you weigh at your wedding? You must be close to that now!” In actual fact I weighed 82-83kgs at my wedding so I am around 6kgs lighter then I was at my wedding.
I am very proud of where I have gotten as well as determined to reach my 75kg goal, only 1.6kgs away. I am also so very grateful of the Lose Baby Weight plans, the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 Day Plan as they really have saved my life and gotten to me where I NEED to be for myself and for my kids.
I have just felt a little stuck when trying to look for a “visual” goal for myself. The clothes I was trying on as a guide now are too big so my focus is now my 75kg goal and then shifting my focus to working on my fitness and maintaining both of those.
My tummy has been my trouble spot so I have signed myself up for the Belly Buster Challenge and am looking forward to toning that area and feeling more confident with my tummy area.
Cat Christ xx
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