Well that’s my stint of a Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mum over, I am so sad but extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity as I have learnt so much over the last 2 months and since I have been using Lose baby weight plans over the past few months I have lost a total of 29kg.
I hope I have inspired some of you lovely ladies to keep going with your health and fitness journey. If you are out there considering being a Motivating Mum, definitely give it a go. I thought I wouldn’t lose much more weight but I have really surprised myself.
My last blog is about travelling and holidays while being on a weight loss journey. As some of you may know I recently flew down to Sydney for a couple of days and found a few tips and tricks that helped me that I would like to share with you all next time you take a short trip or long holiday away from home.

Cat’s travelling tips

PREPARE- Instead of taking a million tubs of healthy mummy smoothie mix, almond meal, coffee, oats, chia seeds etc with me on my trip I decided to label and bag up clip seal bags with different dry mixes of smoothies so all I needed to was add milk, ice and blend! I normally use a blender at home but that was NOT going to fit in the suitcase along with clothes shoes, kids’ stuff and hubby’s stuff so I once again planned ahead and bought myself an electric hand mixer. It took up virtually no space in the suitcase and worked amazingly.
THINK- While away on holidays it really is important to plan meals, while being away from home it becomes way too easy to say “Oh, let’s just get takeaway.” Try planning a few quick meals with bags of Salad from Coles or Woollies and even using BBQ chickens when in a time pinch. The Recipe section of the Lose Baby Weight website has some awesome and quick ideas for meals.
Think about your goal and keep it in mind especially while you are on holidays. Don’t lose focus of your long term plan.
Holidays are an awesome opportunity to take advantage of “incidental exercise” by sight-seeing, shopping, going to theme parks or zoos with the kids etc. Take advantage of this, wear some comfy shoes and go for it. You will burn calories while having fun, catching up with friends and family or seeing new things.
ENJOY- Enjoy your holiday, enjoy seeing your friends and family and enjoy the new things your holiday has to offer even if that means meals out at restaurants.  As I said before just keep your long term goal in mind and make healthy choices, most places do offer healthy alternatives now. While we were out in Sydney I ordered Grilled Salmon and Asian salad. As much as I was tempted by the Schnitzel, Chips and Gravy I really needed to keep in mind where I am going and how that would affect me. I still stole a few chips off the kid’s plates, I still enjoyed them, but I didn’t gorge myself and I didn’t feel bloated and horrible afterwards.
Another tip is not to worry about what others think of you or make you feel ashamed of making healthy choices. They might call it “not living” or “not enjoying life” but at the end of the day, each to their own and you need to work towards YOUR goal at YOUR pace.
If you haven’t had a look already I highly suggest using the Lose Baby Weight website recipe section for some healthy meal ideas and alternatives. It has really given me so many ideas!
Thank you again for all of your kind words of support over my time as Motivating Mum, you have all motivated me to keep on going with my weight loss and fitness journey.
Cat xx

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