Well what a whirlwind the Christmas/New Year break was and my current weight loss result is 27kg using the Lose Baby Weight plans and my before and current shots show how far I have now come!
I was staying up to date with everyone else progress over the holiday period and saw most of us put on some weight so I didn’t feel like an odd one out when I weighed myself and saw I had put on 800grams.
I was so disheartened with putting on weight though but when I really thought about it realised how well and clean I had been eating leading up to Christmas and although I had eaten quite well the desserts and few extra treats here and there definitely add up and when your body isn’t used to eating those extra calories it kind of goes into a “what the hell did you just eat” state- “Hello bloating and that sluggish feeling!”
I cleaned up my eating habits ASAP and got straight back into my lose baby weight plans and exercise- we have been having really lovely weather when it hasn’t been stinking hot so I have been making the most of it by going for runs. I have been taking the same track, maybe altering my walking track to that point but running from that same point and then trying to push past where I stopped to walk from the last time. I really have surprised myself with how far I had come!
I read a quote the other week that really keeps me going when my calves are burning on my runs or when I feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest from beating so hard- “Your body can do anything, it’s your mind that needs convincing.”  This quote is so true and I find it helps when I’m in a class and there are 5 more squats left, or 1 more push up or just 10 metres more to beat your jogging/running personal best. I hope this quote inspires you ladies because it certainly inspires me to push past those boundaries.
So I weighed in this morning to only be disappointed with the exact same number as last week
This is something everyone is familiar with, especially when you know you have been making an extra effort to schedule in extra workouts and really push your boundaries. Unfortunately this week wasn’t my week, but I can definitely FEEL the changes happening! My body is changing and so is my muscle tone. I do my measurements fortnightly however I put a shirt on today and felt completely shocked at how loosely it sat on me. So if you are also out there feeling annoyed and not encouraged by your results this week, stay focused!! Keep eating well and moving and if the numbers on the scales don’t move the ones on the measuring tape sure will! I’m excited for my measurements next week!!
So I refuse to give up, I will keep going- eating well and moving and hope next week will reflect my hard work.
On a “Yay” note, I found the dress I was wearing in my “before” pic and put it on and was completely shocked at how differently it sat 27kgs ago. There are wrinkles in the dress where it was stretched to the max before. A light bulb moment for me was when I looked back at those photos from my birthday and saw the “back fat” hanging over the dress, I can quite happily say it Is GONE!
Cat J xx
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