lose_baby_weightweight_lossA HUGE well done and congratulations to Catherine Gangur who has lost her pregnancy weight on the Lose Baby Weight Plans.
Catherine has been following our healthy eating and exercise plans and has sent in her story and before and after pictures to help inspire other mums to be able to do the same too.

Catherine’s Weight Loss

“During my second pregnancy I gained about 20kg, I had my daughter in October last year I although I dropped 10kg within a few months, I felt sluggish and tubby.
A non sleeping baby didn’t help my food choices, and to be honest I was eating lots of bread, toast and sandwiches, and having lots of coffee!
I had been  linked to lose baby weight on facebook and I was getting the motivational tips emails for a few months, I saw my friends photo and story on the web site and thought, what do I have to lose – but my weight!!
At 77.2kg I  bit the bullet and jumped on the plans and on March 1st It and began having two smoothies a day, eating protein rich snacks and healthy smaller portion dinners. I love making up my smoothies,.
I was amazed to lose 2kg in the first week. Iv’e had many ups and downs in the last 8 weeks, but I pick myself up again, and keep my goals insight!
This last week I have made sure I walk everyday, I have also began taking photographs along my walks everyday, I fit in some exercises in my home when I can and I am back on track with another 1kg loss in the last week.
To date since following the Lose Baby Weight program I have lost 5.1kg. I am now 72.1kg, I am back at my pre pregnancy weight and I am feeling so much better without the extra kilos!! My goal is to lose about another 5kg.
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