A BIG thank you to Catherine Gangur who has given us her weight loss results Q&A after she lost 8kg of her baby weight on the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans. 
post_baby_weight_lossWe hope Catherine’s story and tips help to inspire other mums to get healthy and continue to follow a healthy eating and weight loss plans such as the Lose Baby Weight plans and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

Catherine’s Pregnancy Weight Loss Q&A

Q. How much did you lose in total on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. 8kg
Q. What did you find most useful on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. How easy it is to whizz up a smoothie with a baby and pre schooler! You can eat on the run! 
Q. Did the plans change how you and your family eat food and exercise?
A. I definitely think it has. I have continued to loose weight since. I’m more thoughtful about what I eat, for myself and my 10 month old baby as I breastfeed. My son who is 4 has began eating a lot better as well as he sees what my daughter eats. She went straight to finger foods ( baby lead weaning) so we all have the same nutritious foods. Lots of fruits and veggies here. I exercise for personal well being when I can. I  mainly go walking and do home based body weight exercises. I ran 5 km in the mothers day classic.
Q. Have you managed to keep the weight loss?
A. Yes and I’ve lost another 3.6kg in approx 3 months. I’m currently at 67.5kg, and in a size 10!! I seem to be shrinking more in how clothing fits than in ‘kgs’. When  I stopped having smoothies I weighed 71kg, and was about a size 12-13. The jeans I brought with the myer voucher from Lose Baby Weight (after winning a prize) are now too big, and I only bought them late June.
Q. Would you and have you recommended the plans to your friends?
A. Yes definitely would to any mum, and I have recommended it to a few friends, I know of one friend  who is now having the smoothies on the plan. I recommend the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page even for the support not only from her but everyone who uses it. I still use the page for tips, and support other mums. The daily emails were great motivators as well 🙂

Q. Any tips you would like to give to other mums wanting to lose their pregnancy weight?

A. Don’t rush yourself to start weight loss with a newborn baby. Take the time to heal, get rest and enjoy your special person you worked so hard in creating. When the time is right for you try walking when you can. However, eat foods which are good for you from birth! With the lack of keep try will help you feel better. This is why the smoothies are so awesome, because they don’t take long to prepare and they are healthy.  Snack on eggs, nuts, fruit, raw veggies &  crackers in between meals. Make healthy dinners. Drink plenty of water!! BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

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