A VERY big thank you to Catherine Maynard from WA who has sent in her very honest account of her pregnancy weight gain and how she is now managing to lose it.  A fantastic weight loss story and we really appreciate you sharing.

Catherine’s pregnancy weight gain story

“When I fell pregnant I was convinced that I was going to eat really well and not gain huge amounts of weight.  And in the first few month I didn’t gain anything and I was really annoying as I kept saying to my friends that pregnant women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat bad foods and I was not going to be doing that.
But in trimester 2 all that changed. I started going off the normal food I ate and I just felt queasy, tired and grumpy all the time and all I wanted to eat was sweet foods and sauce based foods like curry and gravy.  It was the only thing that made me feel better and as the pregnancy went, the cravings continued.  The weight gain came thick and fast and although I was aware of it I just couldn’t stop eating!  And I didn’t care! All I wanted was to feel good and food was the only thing giving me that feeling.  All in all I ended up gaining 28kg! I know, I couldn’t believe it either – especially after feeling so cocky in the first 3 months!
After my little cherub was born I was hoping that breastfeeding would help. It didn’t – it just made me want to eat all the time and although my cravings had gone I just felt so tired all the time that finding the time to cook properly or do any form of exercise was impossible! So the weight stayed on and it started to get me down.
I did try a few times to do weight watchers but each time I failed and 18 months later I was 88kg.  Then I found Lose Baby Weight and I started keeping tabs on the Facebook page, reading the blog and trying some of the recipes. I found the success stories o be hugely motivational and one day I just woke up and saw another great story and I thought “that is it, if they can do it so can I”!  That was 4 months ago and so far I have lost 15kg and although I have another 15kg to go to get to my goal weight I feel better than I have in years!!
I cannot thank you enough for your weight loss plans – they are easy to follow, the smoothies are the perfect solution to my busy day and I LOVE the fact that I can do exercise throughout my day and not have to go to a gym and the 28 day plan has really given me the structure I was lacking.  I hope to get to my goal weight by September and then me and my husband are going to try for baby number 2!!
Thank you again for all your help, Catherine Maynard”