Well, that is December pretty much done and dusted. Another month gone and a New Year on the horizon.
I don’t know about you, but these last 2 weeks seemed to have flown for me, between kids, work, Christmas shopping, Xmas parties and catch ups, time really feels like it has gotten away.
I have been working out when and where I can- mostly in my lounge room with the Healthy Mummy DVD. It is the most convenient form of exercise when it’s too hot outside to take the kids out and also perfect for during nap time. If you haven’t gotten the DVD, I highly suggest trying it! It works wonders- using all muscles groups and perfect for in-between bub’s nap time or if you’re crazy enough, like me, try working out while the kids run around your feet/crawl all over you.
I am very almost at my 78kg goal, only 700grams away and I have lost 26.3kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans!!
Although that may seem like a lot in some aspects, 700grams opposed to the 26.3kgs I have already lost is nothing and I am determined to shift those last few hundred grams to finally reach that goal! Now that I am almost there I have decided I would like to push for 75kgs just so I can have the nice round number of 30kgs lost.
It still seems so surreal to me. Only the other day I was at the gym entering my weight into one of the machines to do one of the programs and I hesitated. I went to push the “9” but then pushed the “8” thinking I was still well into the 80 kilogram range. That was a massive high five moment for me. I don’t even remember the last time I was this weight!
So! With Christmas here I have already decided I am not putting unrealistic boundaries up for myself because I don’t know about you, but if I set myself up to say “No Cat, you can’t have that!” I’ll just end up eating it in secret (we’ve all done it) or binging.
So! Plan 1- Load up on those delicious salads and lean meats while skipping the white bread rolls and creamy “salads.” Tummy should be pretty full by this stage.
BUT! It is Christmas and what is Christmas without dessert?
Plan 2- Pick 1 or 2 desserts MAXIMUM and put a SMALL serving onto your plate and eat is slowly- enjoy it! Don’t feel bad about having it just don’t overload yourself with desserts because you are literally just taking both emotional and physical steps backwards and you don’t want that! We have all worked so hard to get where we have. We don’t want to start over.
I hope these ideas will help you out through this festive season J
Luckily enough for me this isn’t my final blog as I will be back in January for another round of Motivating Mum! I am so excited and feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to continue this journey with you all.

  • Weight- 79.6kgs
  • Bust- 98.5
  • Waist- 101.5cm
  • Hips- 107cm
  • Thigh- no change
  • Arm- 32cm


  • Weight- 78.7kgs
  • Bust- 97cm ( 1 ½ cms)
  • Waist-101cm (1/2 cm)
  • Hips- 107cm (no change)
  • Thighs-61cm (2 cm)
  • Arms- 29.5cm (2 ½ cm)

Cat Kroon

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