Hi Mummies,
It only seems like yesterday that I started my stint as MOTIVATING MUM back in December 2013, 5kgs ago too and 30kg since starting the Lose Baby Weight Plans
Life has been very hectic and non stop but I am so excited to be back and hoping to keep motivating you lovely ladies out there as well as keep my butt in the right gear ☺
weight Loss result
My daughter started prep and my work schedule has continued to grow and develop. I recently went to a Les Mills Body Step training weekend to become an instructor at the gym I work at. I am so relieved and excited to share that I passed the initial training! Now just lots of step classes to build my confidence and I will one day have my very own class- Yay! It was a very full on weekend with lots and lots of exercise, with the nerves running riot I totally forgot to take my heart rate monitor but would be interested in how many calories I burnt that weekend.
Food has always been my downfall, especially chocolate around “that time of the month.” I would LOVE to help myself and any other Mums out there struggling with this. I know it’s going to be a mission but like the quote says- “Its not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.” I use the healthy mummy smoothies and 28 day plan – both really easy to use and really tasty.
My weight has pretty much stayed the same since finishing up as MM at the end of January 2014. I bounce around from 76.5kgs-77kgs, my goal has been 75kgs (since smashing my 78kgs goal) and I am still yet to reach it but my centimetre loss still continues, slowly, even though the scales enjoy the look of disappointment.
I did have a lovely “AHA!” moment the other day. We are ordering shirts at work and although I initially grabbed the size 14 shirt to try on, I convinced myself to put it back and try the 12 on first. Some size 12’s are fitting nicely but you know what it’s like, it depends on size, shop, style, make etc etc which can be the difference in a  10, 12, 14, 16.  Anyways, I tried the 12 and it fit PERFECTLY!! A LONG way from the size 18-20 I was almost 30kgs ago.
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