Hi Mummies,
My name is Cat and I am one of the Maintaining Mums for July. I have lost over 30kgs* using the Lose Baby Weight Plans and products.
Lose Baby Weight-30kg loss
I have heard from a lot of Mums that although they are making healthier choices, transitioning the Family onto the right food track can be difficult so I thought I would list a few everyday items and how I transitioned my family over to healthy eating.
My daughter was easier than my hubby to transition over to “healthier options.” I had my son after I began my Healthy Mummy journey so I didn’t really need to transition much with him.


I used to buy a loaf of white bread, a loaf of wholemeal and put half and half in each packet leaving one in the freezer for later use.
That way he would eventually have a piece of wholemeal at some point, getting used to it along the way, I used to make my hubby sandwiches with one white piece, one wholemeal.
Then I just began buying just wholemeal- now, he requests the grainiest, seediest loaves! (He claims they are more filling- really?)


I used to make mashed/roasted potato or shepherd’s pie with both potatoes. Three quarters of the shepherd’s pie would be covered in while potato, and the other quarter in sweet potato.
Now if we are having shepherd’s pie, its sweet potato all over. If we are doing roast veg I will do a bit of both but generally its sweet potato.


I just switched, straight up to wholemeal- The kids wouldn’t even have a clue. Hubby questioned it when I bought it as it was a darker colour but after it was cooked no one asked a thing!


I always have and still do use “Lite” or “Trim” milk myself, and I still buy it for the family.
I use unsweetened almond milk in my smoothies as its fewer in calories leaving more room (calorie wise) for more awesome things to be added to my Healthy Mummy smoothies.
healthy eating meal plans


I used to buy the cheapest packet I could find.
Now, I make the conscious effort of picking up only the 5 STAR Lean mince. If you read the labels the calories and fat content in the lower start rated meats is crazy!


We used to buy the huge bag of salted mixed nuts and just grab out a handful. I didn’t realise how much salt was in there, it’s terrible.
Now, we buy from the scoop and weigh section and choose raw or dry roasted options (unsalted of course). If you can’t get used to the flavour of raw nuts you could definitely dry roast at home- in the oven, on baking paper, no oil J

Salads & Veggies

I try and keep our side dishes interesting at dinner. I like to change the way I cook the veggies or the combinations I plate them with.
Occasionally I will do a “chunky salad”- what’s that?- I chop up carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber, capsicum, etc etc into big chunky pieces, arrange on a plate and put a set of tongs out and let everyone pick their own- works a treat!
Instead of steaming broccoli all of the time I will roast it on a tray with a little spritz of oil, salt and pepper.
I also LOVE making the Lose Baby Weight Apple Salad inspired buy this blog https://www.losebabyweight.com.au/apple-walnut-and-cheese-snack/ it goes great with chicken or pork or even on its own as a snack.
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss

Lunch box treats

I make a lot of slices, cakes, muffins, bliss balls, mini quiches etc from the Lose Baby Weight website and Challenge hub to go into the lunch boxes.
They mostly have recipes where you can hide extra goodness from the kids and because it tastes so great no one will think twice.
I used to buy box after box of lunch box snacks and occasionally we will buy one or two things to go in I try very hard to make up batches of snacks to be frozen to make school/work days easier.


Just make the swap to dark (70% + if you can).  If you’re that desperate for a chocolate hit a couple of squares of dark will do and you will eventually like it.
I just stopped buying milk chocolate and if I wanted chocolate THAT badly Id deal with the dark stuff.
I hope some of this will help you transition yourself, your partner or your little people at home.
Don’t expect it to happen overnight, transition them over a few weeks. It certainly didn’t happen quickly at my house, it was a slow process but as my education about health and nutrition grew from using the Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Plans and Products the more I was able to make conscious decisions when doing the grocery shopping.
It takes a while, but it will happen and in no time you will be looking back thinking “WOW!”
Cat xx

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