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Cat Has Lost 23kg & Becomes A Motivating Mum

Hi Mums!
My name is Cat and I am very excited to be a Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mum for December!
I have two gorgeous kiddies, Ava (5) and Braxton (17 months) and a wonderful partner whose last name I recently stole and became his wife after 7 and a half years. He has been my back bone through my whole weight loss journey of me losing 23kg and has given me the support I have really needed.
After the birth of my first child I actually gained more weight just from purely eating junk and not exercising. I just thought “This is just how it’s meant to be after you have a baby, “If only I knew back then how ridiculous that was.
I started off at 105kgs at my very heaviest and through joining an all ladies gym I managed to get myself down to 94kgs where I plateaued. I joined in a 12 week challenge and lost more weight getting down to around 85kgs where I became complacent and gave up on my goal which was always to get under 80kgs.
I was very good with my eating and exercise while pregnant with my son and was surprised to only hit 91kgs on the day of his birth. It was my first time breastfeeding properly as I struggled with my daughter and with little knowledge gave up but I was so very determined the second time around and did not want to give up.
I was on the hunt for lactation friendly recipes and came across the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page. I was so excited to find a product so many other mums endorsed and an eating plan that was breastfeeding friendly.
Through using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies– Vanilla being my absolute FAVOURITE, along with continued exercise classes at the gym I have managed to get myself down to 82kgs- so so so close to my new goal of 78kgs. I have found doing quite a bit of strength training; the kilos have not fallen off as quickly as they once did. But here I am, ready to give it a red hot go through one of the toughest months of the year- December!
I am lucky enough to be working at an all ladies’ gym surrounded by a great support system, but with that I do work hectic hours and find it hard to snack regularly enough- Especially when I work nights and don’t get to eat dinner til around 9pm.
Although I am at the gym for up to 8 hours a day, I’m not working out during that time and not nearly as much as I could and should be so this month I am definitely going to be focusing mainly on my eating but also increasing my exercise whenever I can.
Let’s rock this month together ladies!!
Cat Kroon

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