Cassie-Amy loses an incredible 25kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum and shares her goals for December.

My name is Cassie-Amy and I am a Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mum for December.
I am a 23-year-old stay at home mother of one very active toddler and let me tell you, being a mum and losing weight can be hard but with the right support and the best knowledge, you can succeed!
I started my Lose Baby Weight adventure in March 2013 at 110kgs after I saw an infomercial on T.V. and it has completely changed my life. I have always been overweight and I honestly didn’t think I would ever lose it. When you have spent most of your life overweight you become accustomed to it; you often become complacent until something just clicks. I was sitting on the couch, holding my 6-month-old son and I noticed that after walking up the stairs to pick him up from his nap and then walking back down again, I was out of breath. I realised something had to change.
I began my journey following the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan. In that month alone I lost 6kgs! The plan was like a breath of fresh air, the food was easy and delicious, the smoothies were amazing and the exercise plan was realistic for a breastfeeding mother like myself.
The 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan made me realise a lot of what I previously thought about diet and exercise was wrong. I didn’t need to starve myself to lose weight; I could eat 3 full, delicious meals and 3 snacks and never feel hungry. The exercises showed me that I didn’t have to put in an hour non-stop of exercise to see results. I often did squats while hanging out the washing or brushing my teeth. The best thing about following a plan is that you don’t have to sit down and count the calories in your meal because it has already been done for you. You don’t have to stress at all and why would you? The food is too amazing to stress!
I had some hiccups on my way; depression led to binge eating and gallstones made me feel sluggish and unmotivated. I put 10kgs back on. I felt hopeless. How could I let myself fall so far? That was until I found the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page, where I surrounded myself with other mums trying to achieve the same goal as I was. If I could only give you one piece of advice it would be joining the Support Group. Having other mums on the same journey as I was made it easier to imagine me at the finishing line because right in front of me were woman who had done it before. With my support network created I gained my motivation back and here I am, 25kgs down and feeling amazing!
28 dayI did the Tone Up Challenge in November and had so much fun pushing myself to new levels. I have never done so many squats in my life! I found I had more strength and was noticing more detail on my body. During this month I realised the number on my scale wasn’t moving and I started feeling a bit disheartened until I put on my normal shorts and noticed they didn’t fit. I had lost 3cms! I was gaining muscle so while I wasn’t losing weight as such I was still making a HUGE difference to my body. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat.
I am really excited to get my hands on the Christmas & New Year Healthy eCookbook this month. In the past Christmas is the time of year that my jiggly bits get a little extra jolly so it will be a nice change to be able to have that festive food without gaining a few extra kilos at the same time. I had a quick look at the preview and am looking forward to trying the Watermelon and Feta Salad. Yum!
I am finally going to try out the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD and push myself a little more as well. I haven’t used it before but I have heard so many amazing things about it so I knew I just HAD to try it out. I will keep you all posted on how I go.
This month for me is all about reaching new heights in my exercise routine. My main goals for this month are to reach 80kgs and to jog 5ks without stopping; so far I am up to 3ks. I had never jogged before I started the Lose Baby Weight Plan so for me this is a huge step! I know that with the support of all the lovely women in the support group and with this amazing plan backing me I can do this!
This month I am in it to win it! I am going to achieve my goals and I am going to help motivate all you amazing mummies achieve yours too! Let’s do this!
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