Hi Lose Baby Weight,
I had my first baby in May of last year. I had always been a relatively healthy eater and my weight sat around the 63kg.
While I was pregnant, I just ate and ate (and not always healthy food), with everyone telling me when you breastfeed pregnancy weight just falls off you. At full term I was 80kg and about 8 weeks after having bub, my weight plateaued at 72kg. I kept asking myself, why is the weight not falling off? I had stopped breastfeeding as I just didn’t produce anywhere near enough milk and thought that was the reason.
When the weather started to warm up in September and I pulled out my summer clothes I was shocked and sad to find nothing fitted. Living in small town with limited shops and a 1000km round trip to the nearest Target store, I knew I had to lose weight. I was having to wear my husbands clothes just to feel comfortable and was embarrassed to leave the house. I started walking most days, and watching more closely what I ate.
It was then that I discovered the lose baby weight FB page and started reading all these stories. I found some recipes and tips and started to think carefully about what I put in my body. By December I had got down to around 65-66kg but couldn’t lose anymore. Nothing was working. In February, I decided to order the 28 day play, exercise DVD and healthy mummy smoothies and wow, the weight just dropped off me and I’m even starting to tone my tummy which I never thought was possible.
Although I’ve only dropped 3.9kg, all my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to become looser, I love the DVD and the exercises and have started having my smoothies religiously for lunch. I love trying new flavour combinations. My diet has improved 100% and I have realised that even though I thought I was healthy before, I was being misguided by packaging and my portion size was probably double what it should have been. I’ve cut out a lot of pre-packet mixes and use fresh herbs, lean meat and vegies to create yummy, healthy meals.
Thank-You Lose Baby Weight for all your tips, recipes, and ideas. I love getting the emails with all the information and couldn’t have lost this weight without you. I’m well on my way to my goal weight of 58kg. Keep up the great work.
Kind regards,
Casey Collier
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