Dear Lose Baby Weight:
Well its half way through February and half way through my stint as a motivating mum.  It’s been a very busy 2 weeks with my oldest starting back at kindergarten and swimming lessons not to mention the gymnastics classes, playgroup sessions, organising speech therapy for number 2 and I’ve returned to work.
Yet amongst all this craziness I have still maintained a small steady weight loss (total weight loss 24.1kg) and I contribute that to being really organised and utilising the resources available from Lose Baby Weight.
In years gone by I would go to the supermarket, buy a few days’ worth of food and never plan very far ahead.  This usually meant that a few days later I would be out of fresh food, have nothing to make for dinner, nothing to snack on and no time or energy to go to the shops.
So what’s the quickest way to get food – a drive-thru or take-away store!  So when I started on the 28 day diet and exercise plan it was life changing because all the work and organising was done for me.  I used the weekly shopping list, brought everything in one big shop – which with 3 kids in tow is a work out in itself and now I can’t live without my meal plan and hate it when I have to go to the shops more than once a week.   I very rarely resort to the quick and easy take-away meals and by keeping only healthy snack foods in the house I find sticking to my new healthy lifestyle so much easier.
The other big thing I learnt this fortnight is the value of incidental exercise and keeping active through daily routine.  I started this month as a motivating mum with all these grand plans of exercising every morning and training for a fun run.  In reality I have not achieved a single training session outside of the house.
DVDThat’s where the healthy mummy post pregnancy DVD has been really helpful breaking down the exercises into small 10-15 min blocks.  I’ve also enjoyed the exercises set in the ‘eat, move, lose’ challenge because they are so easy to do around the house.  I’ve also been trying to incorporate little things outside the house like parking a little further away from the shopping centre door and walking up the ramps instead of taking the lift.
Also this fortnight I have also really embraced my busy lifestyle and appreciate it more for keeping me active, keeping me motivated and keeping me away from the fridge and pantry!   Again it all comes back to being really organised, I might be busy but I never skip meals and I always carry a healthy snack.
Moving forward into the second half of February I am going to be a little kinder on myself and not expect to “work out” every day.   I’ll be using the healthy mummy DVD and generally keeping active throughout the day.   I will start using my pedometer again and record my daily steps in the LBW member’s area – aiming for over 10,000 steps a day.
I’ve been really enjoying my healthy mummy smoothies for lunch this fortnight and I tried a few new ones including adding coconut – it was so good, I hope to move out of my comfort zone and try a few more recipes before the end of the month.   I also tried a few new dinner recipes this fortnight – my favourite was the Roast Pumpkin and Haloumi Salad from the LBW website.  This fortnight I will further explore the website for new recipes and I am super excited about the new baking cookbook being released soon!
My biggest tips from what I have learnt this fortnight are:  be organised and plan your meals, it will minimise your need to grab a quick unhealthy snack or meal.  Be kind to yourself, have goals but make sure they are realistic to fit in your current lifestyle.
Last week: 150g weight loss   This week: 650g weight loss    Total this month: 800g and 2cm
Overall Results:
Weight: was – 89.9 kg   now – 65.8kg
Total loss: 24.1kg
Really happy with these weight loss results, I’m now 4.2kg under my original goal weight of 70kg and not only I am maintaining my healthy lifestyle and weight but increasing my fitness levels – the increase in thigh measurement must be muscle gain!
I have achieved a weight loss far greater than I thought possible when I started this journey and I highly recommend Lose Baby Weight to everyone who asks me how I lost the weight.
Thanks Lose Baby Weight,
Carolyn Bickers
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