Hi, Carolyn Bickers here and I’m very happy to report this week that I have achieved my summer challenge pledge and reached my goal weight of 70kg.
I started my weight loss journey with the Lose Baby Weight plans on the 29th of July 2013, with the overall goal of loseing weight so that my BMI would be considered “normal” and I’d be wearing size 12 clothes again.
Today my weight is 69.8kg, my BMI 23.3 and yes all my new clothes I buy are size 12, some even size 10!   I’m overjoyed at what I have been able to achieve with lose baby weight and I now look forward to maintaining my goal weight and will be now focussing on toning and fitness.
I ordered the starter package and have not looked back.  I love how easy the menu plan is to follow and cook and how it is safe in breastfeeding!  I used the 28 day plan and am using the healthy mummy smoothies for lunches love them both
I feel fantastic, I have so much more energy and ability to move around freely and play with my 3 boys
Start weight 89.9kg        

  • Bust: 113cm
  • Waist 108cm
  • Hips: 114cm
  • Thighs: 67cm
  • BMI 30.0

Weight today: 69.8kg (down 20.1kg)

  • Bust: 94cm (down 19cm)
  • Waist: 82cm (down 26cm)
  • Hips:  95cm (down 19cm)
  • Thighs 53cm (down 14cm)
  • BMI 23.3

Total cm lost: 78cm
Total weight lost 20kg
Thanks Lose Baby Weight Team, my weight loss goal may have been achieved but my journey will continue with the help and support of your terrific products and resources.
Cheers, Carolyn
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